Raising a Blended Family


on January 23, 2013

Well folks, at the ripe old ages of 3 1/2 months and 5 1/ 2 months, we officially have teethers!

Pax and Addie are both furiously gnawing on anything they can get their mouths on (mama fingers are a definite favorite) and drooling bucket loads (we can NOT keep them in dry outfits, bib or no bib). When we ventured to check a few days ago, Addie was sporting the very beginnings of a pearly white cap. Fast forward to today, and Pax now has the same!

The funny thing is, they’re both gaining the same tooth in the same spot. I guess it’s a race to the finish line- sibling rivalry begins early. 😉

They, of course, do NOT appreciate me checking, but I like to peek in there each day anyways to see how things are progressing. Here’s a pic of Addie’s white cap!



2 responses to “Teething!

  1. Isa says:

    Yay for teeth! And whoa, that’s early! Cute that they’re doing it at the same time!

  2. X says:

    The first thing I thought was “good job getting that picture!” It’s hard enough to open K’s mouth to look for teeth, let alone take a picture 🙂

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