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(belated) five month letter

on January 17, 2013

January 9, 2012

Dear Baby Girl,

            You are five months old today! Five. Months. I find myself scratching my head and counting backwards through the months over this number, because a five month old baby is a baby who’s almost halfway through her first year and surely, you can’t be that old yet! Just yesterday you were six pounds of unresisting cuteness all snuggled into our arms.

            Today, however… today you are just over the 15lb mark, 26 ½ inches, (70th and 95th percentiles, respectively) and you do. not. snuggle. (except at naptime and bedtime). You’ve got too much to do and see and if we try to make you, you most certainly resist.  You like to be on the move and go go go as much as possible, which for you right now looks like a lot of scooting, attempting to crawl, and rolling. That’s right, ROLLING! This achievement technically belongs in your six month letter, because your very first roll happened at 5 months and 1 day… but whatever. We’ll celebrate now. You can now roll from back to front with medium proficiency, and will readily do so to get to an out-of-reach toy or desirable object (ie, a mom’s phone).  You have only rolled from front to back a handful of time- you are still getting the hang of that one and a lot of times, you roll yourself over onto your tummy and then get stuck/frustrated and a mom will have to roll you back onto your back.

Regardless, Deda and I sense that full blown rolling as a means of transportation is just over the horizon and so therefore, we have taken the precaution of setting up a playroom with a padded foam floor (instead of the hardwood found in the rest of the house) and baby gates to keep you both contained and safe, and to give you a place where you can roll to your heart’s content. You love it when we place you on the floor, surrounded by toys, and get out of your way to let you do your thing! Some of your favorite toys right now are your octopus, the fabric book with the crinkly pages, the plastic ball with the holes that make it easy to grip and the bell inside it, and your arm/ankle rattles (though not because you like to wear those, but because you like to pull them off and suck on them).

Speaking of which- lots of drooling and sucking and chewing going on around here, but no sign of teeth yet! For this, I think, I am thankful, because although you are usually a delight to be around, we have experienced a few not-so-delightful days when you were sick, overtired or just plain crabby and you fussed all.day.long.  I imagine this is what you will be like teething, too, and for that I say… stay gummy as long as possible!

Another development this month is that you have finally taken notice of the cat. You will giggle and shriek in delight if she enters a room that you are in, and the few times she has jumped up on a mom’s lap while you were present, you have enjoyed petting the kitty, too (and by this I mean, attempting to grab fistfuls of orange fur while a mom attempts to make you let go/guide your hand towards ‘nicely’ petting the cat). It’s pretty darn cute kid, but I have to admit I feel a bit sorry for the cat once you become TRULY mobile.

Finally, the last new development is that we fed you some of your first solids this month! Your first taste was of mashed banana, followed by mashed avocado. You had fun gnawing on melon and cantaloupe (not that you got anywhere, but you enjoyed trying) and we had fun watching your face get all messy. So adorable. I look forward to introducing more foods in the future!

Baby girl, you are a wonder and a joy to be around, and I love you so much! 


Your Auntie A


One response to “(belated) five month letter

  1. allison-lee says:

    So much fun in that first year! Sounds like your little girl is doing wonderfully.

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