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(belated) 3 month letter

on January 16, 2013

January 10, 2013

Dear Baby Boy,

You are three whole months old and officially not a newborn anymore!  This is no surprise to Mommy and Mama, since you haven’t looked like a newborn in quite some time, but it still makes us a little sad to think you are growing so quickly!  You are still big, still handsome (wink), still chubby. Still wearing larger clothes than your age (you are edging into 6-9 month clothes, although I have to give you props because you still fit some of your 3-6 month ones, which at 3 months of age means your age has finally caught up with your clothing size!).

You are becoming more interactive by the day and I love it. You will look at us and “coo” to try to start conversations, and then when we coo back you get excited with your whole body- your arms start jerking, your legs kick, you smile, and you coo a bunch back at us.  It is so cute!  You also have developed a love of “flying” in the air- when we hold you up above our heads and zoom you around.  You will smile and sometimes try to laugh (we’ll get to that in a minute), and it’s a lot of fun to watch you having fun. It also calms you down when you are mad and is 95% guaranteed to bring back a smile from a fussy baby. However, extreme caution has to be taken when we do this with you due to your habit of spitting up anytime/where.  Also, you are h.e.a.v.y.  We can only zoom you for so long!

Something else you love is books. OH, how you love books! Practically as soon as I get out a book and show it to you, you start cooing at the pages and doing your whole-body-excitement arm and leg jerks. It’s soooo cute. You will easily stay entertained with me reading to you for 5 or more books! Some of our favorites right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, But Not The Hippopotamus, Goodnight Moon, My First Colors (a Bright Baby book) and It’s Time to Sleep My Love. I love reading to you and seeing you stare intently at the colors on the pages. I like to point out and name colors and objects, even though I know you don’t understand yet- you will one day! I can’t wait to see you learn to turn pages and start showing stronger book preferences as you get older.

One thing you’re not doing a lot of yet is laughing. We will occasionally get a tiny glimpse of a laugh- a small squeal of delight here, or a tiny little “huh huh” there- but you really haven’t started actually giggling yet. A lot of times, when you try to laugh, we’ll get nothing but silent grins for awhile and then all of a sudden a single note of glee will come exploding out of you, like you were trying your best to hold it in and you just couldn’t anymore.  It’s so cute! I can’t wait for more laughter to happen. Right now, my best chances of getting a giggle out of you are when I lie you down to change your diaper and I tickle your naked tummy- you are sooooo ticklish!

Developmentally, you are starting to show the beginnings of wanting to roll over. You can roll on your side now and most of the time when we put you on the floor that’s what you’ll do. Mama and I wonder if you’re going to be an early roller- I guess we’ll see!

Health-wise, you’re a-okay, kid. You had your first ear infection and pink eye infection this past month. That was not-so-fun and required antibiotics twice a day for ten days, which was also not-so-fun.  Every time we gave you your medicine you would make a face like it was the grossest thing EVER, and half the time you would just spit the offending substance right back out at us again. Helpful, kid.

You are still refusing to sleep at all on your own at night (during the day you nap in your swing or on me), and so you are cosleeping. I love snuggling with you but your mom and I definitely need a bigger bed, because although you are tiny you like to spread out! Sigh.

You had your first Christmas this past month, and along with that came your first plane ride.  You did so well on the plane! Mostly, you slept, but even when you weren’t sleeping, you didn’t cry. We were so proud. Christmas was in California at your grandma’s house, and you got to meet your grandpa and uncle for the first time.  You also met your great-aunt and great-grandma, who had lots of fun holding you and falling in love with you (you were charming, of course, which helped the process!). You and Addie got lots of little toys and books and clothes, and your grandma got you those silver keepsake boxes that are engraved with your birth details. So perfect!

While we were in California, you dipped your toes in the ocean for the very first time! It was really cold, being winter and all, so you weren’t a huge fan, but you didn’t cry. You just tried to pull your legs up super close to your body so your feet wouldn’t touch. LOL! I can’t wait to take you back this summer to have a real, proper day on the beach together (and I can’t wait to see how much sand you’re going to eat when we go!).

Your mommies love you Paxton. Always and forever. Grow strong, grow healthy.

I love you baby boy.

Mommy A


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