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So many things to blog about, I don’t even know what to say.

on December 16, 2012

So, the echoing silence around here could mean several things: I either have nothing to say or, I have stuff to say but no time to say it, or I have a lot of things to say and no time to say them all.  In this case, it’s the later. So much life has been happening around here lately! It’s impossible to keep you 100% updated, but here is the general gist:

  • We spent this past weekend visiting friends, taking Thing One to do all sorts of Thing One-related activities (indoor playplace, Children’s Museum), and enjoying the impending holidays. Fun and exhaustion.
  • We almost burnt the house down. Oh yes, we did.  There were (three) fire trucks called in the middle of the night (plus an ambulance), smoke billowing out of the house, and us, standing on our lawn in our PJs with one very confused seven year old and two babies wrapped up in blankets… all over a burnt batch of cookies.  Phew. Had you worried there for a second, right? Good, because so were we! Who knew cookies could catch fire?! And, like, BURN! Big flames! They were on fire in the oven and they would NOT go out… and every time we tried to open the oven door to put them out, flames came shooting out at us. Meanwhile, the house was filling with smoke and the oven was getting hotter, so we decided that “Hello, 911, our holidays cookies went terribly wrong could you please send help” was the best course of action.  They came out, kicked us out of the house, removed our wayward cookies (and presumably put out the flames), and did some magic with these big fan thingymcbobs that sucked all the smoke out of our house but still left it smelling, regrettably, like burnt cookies and epic failure.  Ah, well. So, by the way, you’re not getting any holiday cookies, ornament buddy! But the upside to all of this is that as we stood freezing on our lawn with all three kids, our neighbors all came boiling out of their houses (hello, embarrassing), each one offering to take us in and shelter us or asking if we needed anything (hello, warm fuzzy feeling). These were the same neighbors who are so homophobic they can usually barely stand to look at us.  So, at least we know that in case of disaster or, you know, that little ‘ole impending Mayan end-of-the-world thing, they are willing to overlook their homophobia long enough to be decent human beings. So there’s that.
  • We are busily preparing for our sure-to-be epic trip cross-country with the twinfants and Thing One. What? I hadn’t mentioned that? Welp, we’re flying out on Christmas day, we have a connecting flight in Houston with a whole HALF HOUR layover (thanks, airline), we’ll be on the plane with the twinfants for a cumulative 6 hours, and we’re heading to a house that is not set up for babies whatsoever. And no, I’m not stressed at all, why do you ask?  The good news is, we have finally secured bedding (in the form of borrowed pack n plays) for the house we’re going to (Grandma’s), and we’re bringing our playmat with us… so that makes three whole places in the house that we’ll be able to put the babies down!  Assuming, of course, that they ever get put down at all with all the baby-hungry relatives hanging around. We’re hoping to secure a swing, too, but we will have to see about that. (By the by, those of you who have traveled with infants… any tips? Anything you would absolutely recommend we don’t forget or leave behind [besides the babies]?).
  • Pax had his two month appointment and shots.  Poor baby. There were definitely tears- and the baby cried, too. We found out at that appointment that the boy now weighs in at a whopping 15 pounds!!!!! Yes, don’t mind me, that giant thing that just rolled over and crushed your toddler is my two month old. Ho hum.  He’s also 24 1/2 inches now though, which removes him from the short-and-squat category and just leaves him with the… squat.  Oh well. Since then, we’ve taken care to reassure him and his fat rolls that we still love them- lest they think otherwise.

That’s about it! I owe you guys pictures and I have a ton, but they’ll have to wait until after I get them uploaded off my camera. In the meantime… happy one week and two days until Christmas!


6 responses to “So many things to blog about, I don’t even know what to say.

  1. meridith says:

    I had NO IDEA cookies could catch fire like that! I’m so glad no one was hurt but thank you for sharing. I seriously thought that they’d just char…

  2. allison-lee says:

    Oh dear. Glad to hear that you’re all safe. I’m sure it was quite the scare!

    Do you have carseats for the little ones at your destination?

  3. Mary says:

    I found traveling with an infant (but only one) much easier than I expected. TSA has info on their website about special rules for liquids and babies. Basically you can bring as much breastmilk/formula/water/baby food as you need to get to your destination. I’ve never had trouble, even when traveling with multiple bottles, although sometimes you do need to have a quick swab test on the bottles. We usually fly with Southwest, and after some experimentation, we now sit in the very back row to limit disturbance if we are loud. I guess you guys won’t be able to all sit in the same row because you can only have one lap child per three seats?

  4. Isa says:

    Jeez. Glad you’re all ok! For travel–do you have one of those snap n go things for the carseats? They’re awesome because it’ll double as a stroller once you get there, and give you a place to put down the kids in the airport when you need to. They make double ones. I found travelling with EJ that young easier than it is now (and easier than it will be in a couple months). The hard part for their ears is take off, and then about an hour before you land, when the plane starts descending–food helps at that point. I’m sure you’ll be fine–it helps a lot to have T1 there to help be a bit of a pack mule for your carryons! If she’s willing to help by bringing your snacks and magazines (or whatever) in her backpack it’ll give you more arms for the twinfants. Good luck!

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