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Addie’s 4 month letter

on December 11, 2012

December 9, 2012

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

You are four whole months old and I still cannot quite believe it. Four months! You have resided with us for approximately 3 of those months, and time is flying.

You are still a tiny thing, though not quite so tiny as when we first got you- all 6 pounds of you!  Now, you are weighing in at approximately 13 pounds, though we have no idea how much you weigh because your 4 month appointment and shots (ouch, I’m sorry!) aren’t until next week. You feel like such a little lightweight though, especially when compared to your brozin! (brother + cousin= brozin). You also have less hair than Mr. Monster, and yours tends to lie flat against your head, making you look, well… bald, from a distance, child. Sorry about that.

Developmentally, you are taking leaps and bounds and strides and I simultaneously love it and can’t keep up (not the last time, I suspect, that that will be the case).  Somewhere between the three and four month mark you finally decided that it was okay if we put you down after all, which is quite the relief. You will now bounce happily in your jumperoo (though your feet barely graze the floor on the lowest setting) for at least an hour, will do floor time on the mat for quite a length of time, and will also nap in you swing thank God.  We do hold you still, I promise, and when we do you are a wiggly, squirmy creature of delight! You love to be standing up, looking around, and one of your favorite games is when we hold you high above our heads and fly you through the air, all the while singing the trapeze girl song to you. You will stare down at us and grin, and grin, and giggle and grin… and occasionally drool into the mouth of an unsuspecting auntie-mama. Yep. But it’s okay- we forgive you.  You will also giggle and laugh with delight when you are tickled, or recently when your Deda om-nom-noms the side of your neck.

You have started anticipating things, so when we are playing I can say “I’m gonna GET you” and you will shriek in anticipation of being gotten. So cute.  Not so cute is when you are anticipating being fed a bottle, and I make you wait one minute too long while I mix your formula, or get your brozin situated, or take a mommy minute to use the restroom.  Those times, when your anticipation is not met immediately with reward, your face will crumple and you will cry a heartbreaking cry that sounds like your entire world just fell apart. Which, at four months, if I was starving and somebody took too long to feed me, might feel exactly that way to me. No blame here, love.

You have started sucking your thumb, although I can’t remember if that started this month or has merely continued and gotten more habitual within in. Regardless, it is adorable, and slightly heartbreaking when you are screaming for a bottle or to be picked up or for any other reason and, in the midst of your tears, you attempt to comfort yourself by shoving your tiny little thumb in your wide-open mouth, mid-cry, tears pouring down.  Other times though, it’s just plain adorable with no heartbreaking about it- like the mornings I go in to get you from your crib, only to find you with your arms forced up underneath your swaddle just enough so that you can tuck your chin to your chest and just barely manage to reach your thumb to suck on. So cute! A lot of times, late at night, we will hear “slurp slurp slurp” over the monitor and go into your room, only to discover you happily at work on your thumb.  You’re very attached- it’s gonna suck when we have to break you of this habit! But for now, it’s 100% pure cuteness and I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Another thing we have noticed over the past month is that you are FASCINATED by television. Not that we purposely let you watch it, mind you, but if the television is on in your vicinity, no matter what show is on, chances are you will be staring at it intently, watching.  There was even one time when you were in your jumperoo (which is positioned directly UNDER the TV) and we put on Polar Express to watch as a family… and I happened to glance at you, and there you were, little neck craning upwards, trying to catch a glimpse of the magic pictures going on right above your head. Hopefully this TV watching doesn’t permanently impair your brain or slow your growth or whatever it is they say happens to kids who watch TV- we honestly don’t watch that much of it so there’s that.

Addie-girl, you are generally a delight to be around. You are so happy all the time, and you dole out smiles and laughter and shrieks often and willingly.  You will generally smile at anyone who catches your eye, and when you do it’s infectious- whoever you’re smiling at has no choice but to smile back!

The last note I want to make is that you are fascinated by your brozin. I don’t think you have any clue who he is or that he’s another living baby just like you- but you’re fascinated nevertheless. You like to put your hands on his face to “explore,” which has resulted in more than a few scratches (sharp nails, kid!).  You also like to just stare at him, whenever you are both being held on the same lap or occupying the same play space. It’s really cute and I look forward to the day when you two can interact more. (He, by the way, seems mostly oblivious to you, though he did give you the biggest grins the other day- which you pointedly ignored as you gave him the cold shoulder. How’s that for sibcuzling love?).

I love you Addiekins. You are an amazing, happy, wonderful little creature and I’m so glad you are in my life. I can’t wait to see what this next month of developments brings!

Love muchly,

Auntiemama Ayslinn


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