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We have a Two Month Old- Pax’s Letter

on December 10, 2012

December 10th, 2012

Dear Baby Boy,

As I suspect will be the case with all of your month letters, I have to start this one by saying… I cannot BELIEVE how old you are now!  Where time has gone, I can honestly say that I have no idea. You are TWO WHOLE MONTHS old!  Weren’t we just in the hospital yesterday? Weren’t you just 8.5 lbs? Now, child, you are a whopping 13 lbs 10oz, outweighing Addilynn by over half a pound! You haven’t lengthened much (22 inches at birth, 22 ¾ inch now) which means you are short-but-stubby.  You wear 3-6 month clothing (and have bee since about 3 weeks) and we affectionately call you Chunkers. J You’re also growing in some hair on the top of your bald little head (because sometime between your birth and now, you saw fit to lose all the hair you were born with on top) and the fuzz that is replacing your lost hair is RED?! We aren’t sure if it will stay this way but if it does, your Great Grandma Kitty (the only family member on either side with red hair) will be pleased as punch, I’m sure.

Little one, as fast as the time is going, I can honestly say I am LOVING watching you grow. You are gaining more head control and quickly barreling towards becoming a BABY and not just a newborn. I’d say you’re about 75% of the way towards real-baby-land. In the past month, you have become far more interactive.  You love to chew your fist, and will now smile readily at us… okay, not always READILY- sometimes we have to work at it and talk in really excited voices while you stare at us like we’re crazy before giving us a shy, tentative smile, but there are other times, lik when we go to pick you up from your cosleeper in the morning and you recognize a mom face peering down at you, and you will grin and grin and grin your big wide-opened smile.  Your smiles make my heart melt and I can’t get enough of them.

Another part of you being interactive is your “cooing-” which sounds a lot more like “ooo ooo ooo,” complete with round pursed lips and wide eyes.  Your mama, in particular, has a lot of fun having “conversations” with you- speaking to you or making noises and then waiting for you to coo back, and then talking to you some more. You two are adorable to watch and I love how you seem to talk back.  I would give all the money in the world to be able to know what you’re really saying, because the intent look on your face as you stare into your mama’s eyes and speak clearly shows that you are trying to say something- and we, great big dolts that we are, just don’t understand you (how dare we).  It is pretty cute though because along with your talking, you also jerk your arms and legs and wiggle your entire body as you get more and more excited when we talk to you- so the combination of smiling/cooing/wigglewiggle is more cuteness than I can stand sometimes!

You are also starting to show signs of being ticklish- tickling your belly or armpits during a diaper change results in a wiggly, squirmy grinning baby, which is simultaneously adorable and also considerably terrifying given the fact that you’re throwing yourself from side to side four feet off the floor. But it’s so FUN!

Speaking of fun, you will now lie on the playmat and bat at the toys with jerky arm movements. You’re trying, kid, you’re trying. You’re mesmerized by the mirror and all the colors of the toys and I can just SEE the learning happening as you take in your world. You like to be held up in front of the full length mirror in our bedroom, too. Oftentimes, when I hold you in front of it, you will happily spend a good fifteen minutes staring at yourself or me or both. A few times, you’ve grinned or cooed at yourself- so cute!

So those are the fun things about you right now. In the not-so-fun category, you’re still not anywhere close to sleeping through the night. We thought we were getting somewhere for a few nights- You slept from about 10-11 to 4 or 5am, but then you quickly regressed to waking at your normal times- 2am, 5am, 630am, and then waking up when Mommy has to get up to go get Sister ready for school.  It would be great if you would sleep for a little longer stretches, kid. Just consider it?

Also in the not-so-fun category: that trip to the hospital we took.  You were in your swing and you stopped breathing. A few minutes later, on mama’s lap, you did it again. Scared the CRAP out of us, so we rushed you to the hospital, who transferred us to the CHILDREN’S hospital, who had us stay overnight and did a million tests and basically said they can’t find anything wrong with you except reflux, which they gave you stronger meds for, which seem to be helping, thank goodness. Phew. Hell of a way to get a doc to give you meds, kid. Let’s NEVER do that again, shall we?

Overall, besides the hospital trip, life with you is amazing.  I love watching you grow and love cuddling your tiny little body next to mine.  You are amazing and each day with you truly is a gift.

I love you, Paxton!




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