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Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town

on December 2, 2012

So, to take a break from all the scary stuff goin’ on around here, I thought it would be fun to post what our kids are getting for Christmas.  We’re basically done shopping for them, although I find small things every now and then to add to their piles.

For the babies: Obviously, they have no idea it’s Christmas.  Just as obviously, it’s still fun to shop for them! So, they are getting:

  • They’re each getting a Taggies Blanket, courtesy of a BOGO free sale at our local target. These weren’t originally on the list but I paid $10 for both of them… I’ll take it!

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 5.39.23 PM

  • Bright Starts Rattle–  We’ve been looking everywhere for a good rattle for the babies. I searched high and low on store shelves, but it seemed like a good old-fashioned play rattle was too much to ask for.  Finally, one day I read a review on a blog about these rattles being awesome and that same day, coincidentally enough, Shorty brought home one from a lot of garage sale toys she had purchased just randomly.  It’s been a hit so far, but there’s only one of them and two babies! So we ordered another one asked Santa if he could bring a second rattle. 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.56.31 PM

  • Fis.her Pr.ice Laugh and Learn Puppy-  I’ve read good reviews about this silly-lookin thing everywhere! We figure the babes are still too young for it but will grow into and with it… and in the meantime, it’s cute and it plays music (we’ll see how long that particular feature remains in the “bonus” category instead of the “I’m-gonna-kill-that-toy” category).  🙂

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.57.44 PM

  • Baby Einstein Bendy Ball- Addie is getting good at reaching for, grabbing, and manipulating objects.  We figured this is the perfect toy to help further that kind of development.

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.58.31 PM

  • Hand and Foot Rattles (by la.maze)- okay, let’s be honest- I’m not sure if the babies actually need help finding their hands and feet or if that would eventually happen on its own, even if- gasp!- we opted out of purchasing these adorable little rattles.  But, the fact remains: these are too cute NOT to buy. Can’t wait to see them trying to figure out how to get these darn things off shaking their little hands and feet around with them on!

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 12.59.21 PM

  • Warm Winter Hats by Zu.tano- at $20 a pop, some could call these a splurge. I call them a necessity. We have NOT been able to find infant-sized warm hats anywhere in our area (weird since we live somewhere where it, you know, gets cold?!) but when I popped online to Amazon these were sitting there waiting for me AND they had good reviews AND they’re adorable. SOLD! We bought a blue one and a green one. 🙂

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 1.00.30 PM

  • As an early Christmas present/craigsteal, we also went ahead and got them the Fish.er Pri.ce Rainforest Jumperoo.  This was not originally on the list, but we were over at a friend’s house for Thanksgiving and they had their jumperoo out that they used with their son.  I decided to test Addie out in it, as she’s just starting to get to the age where she’s old enough for it… and she loved it. Went to town.  We decided right then and there that we needed one, and lo and behold craigslist was very accomodating with this over-half-off-the-original-price steal.  It’s meant to be a Christmas present but they don’t know any better (and Pax isn’t big enough for it anyways) so Addie has been happily jumping around in it all day.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 4.33.13 PM

As for Thing One, she’s being spoiled rotten this year and getting the Kindle Fire she’s been asking for.  Disclaimer here: I never EVER thought I would be One Of Those Parents buying my seven year old expensive technology, but the truth is she plays with technology a LOT and I’d rather buy her her own cheaper technology than let her further destroy my expensive technology.  Case in point? The Ipad we share as a family.  The last two times she’s played with it,  it first acquired a shattered screen, and then latter acquired splattered ravioli, the sauce of which got into all the cracks in the screen when she decided to try to eat ravioli AND play on the iPad at the same time. And I would just ban her from the iPad until she’s older and have her go chase butterflies, or something, except that then we would never get any peace and quiet ever the iPad has a lot of features for kids that I love, like interactive learning apps and books and Netflix. But, so does a KFire, and it comes at a lower price point and with parental controls that let us set a time limit on how many hours per day she can be on apps or watch movies.  Plus, in some circles it is said to be more kidproof than the glass-enclosed iPad.  One can hope.  🙂  Thing One is also getting some wii and nintendo games, clothes, books, and a pair of sparkly boots that I just couldn’t resist will be great for winter wear.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 4.56.22 PM

What are your kids getting? Any more fun baby toy suggestions? How about baby books? That’s the one thing I haven’t gotten them that I still want to- some baby books.  So if you have any suggestions, lay ’em on me!


2 responses to “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town

  1. allison-lee says:

    We also had the rattle, wrist rattles, puppy and Jumperoo for The Bean. He loved the rattle, STILL loves the puppy and also really loved the Jumperoo (though it was always a bit big for him as he’s a little guy). The wrist rattles, though adorable, never seemed to really caputre his attention. If you’re interested, I have a list on my blog of toys that he used a lot during his first year (I just linked back to it in my “wish list” post). I also have A LOT of book suggestions in my “On The Bookshelf” posts, though, admittedly, I haven’t been good about keeping up on those. Looking back, the books The Bean enjoyed most seem to have been ones with photos of babies, animals and objects, and we really like ones with simple, often rhyming, stories. Peepo was/is my favourite!

  2. We had a very similar jumperoo for Critter, and he loved it. If you’re looking for other fun-to-grab things, you might try the skwish : http://www.amazon.com/Manhattan-Toy-203640-Skwish-Color/dp/B000FPHGW0/ref=sr_1_2?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1354686366&sr=1-2&keywords=skwish . We have one, and it was Critter’s first favorite toy. He still loves that thing, honestly. It’s easy to grab, even before you’ve got the hang of dexterity, and the beads make a great rattley sound as they slide. As for favorite baby books, Critter absolute favorites (and he’s still fond of them) were the Skippyjon Jones board books. He would go from screaming to engrossed in about 5 seconds with those books, even at a few weeks old. He was/is also very fond of this series http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/parenting-magazine-look-learn-colors-parenting-magazine-editors/1103913422?ean=9781616280000 . It seems like they might be out of print, but if you find them somewhere, I would buy them. (I mean, if they’re not crazy expensive, that is.) We have Colors, Numbers, Sounds, and Patterns. Critter loves them all. Also, anything by Sandra Boyton. At least when he was very small, Critter really liked vibrant photos and fairly simple drawings. My recommendation is not to acquire anything that you absolutely could not stand to read at least ten times in a row, because there will come a time that you will have to do so.

    When it comes to what Critter is getting for Christmas, let’s see. We have a pretty big digger for him, and a smaller truck with a crane. There is also a castle with a knight and a dragon, and a stack-able block train. We also ordered him a set of building blocks, because he’s really into building (and knocking down) towers right now, and a play.mobile 1 2 3 (toddler) forest animal set. (I don’t know about him, but *I’m* super-excited about it.) We also got him a toddler-sized pop-up circus tent, which he loves to play in every time we go to i-kea. I don’t know if it counts as a Christmas present, since he already has them, but Critter also now has a giant seal-and-pup pair of stuffed animals. He *loves* those things. We got them when we went to get the circus tent, and there was no prying them out of his arms. He’s getting a scoot bike from PB’s parents, and a zoo membership from mine. (We’ve actually already got the zoo membership, and I’m sure they’ll send something for him to open as well, but that’s one of their big presents to all of us.) We’re trying not to go too overboard, but it’s a lot of fun present-shopping for him. Oh, plus, I’m making him a big sign with his name, which I think he’ll get a kick out of. At least I hope he will; I’m having fun designing and making it, anyway.

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