Raising a Blended Family


on November 20, 2012

So over the weekend we went and got pictures done. They were combination family/Christmas/Paxton’s-baby-pictures pictures, and I am in LOVE with how they turned out.


We also got some newborn pics of Pax done while he was still in the hospital. I don’t think I’ve shared those here so I’m tacking a few onto the end of this… we haven’t gotten our hard copies of these yet but the company did put them on their website finally, yay!



4 responses to “Pictures!!!!

  1. Michele says:

    I love the pics, especially the last one of your sweet laddie! That expression on his face is priceless, and if he’s anything like my 5 boys, it will show up in future pictures. . .school, graduation. . .you know:) Beautiful family:) I usually just read, but had to comment:)

  2. beautiful family photos!

  3. allison-lee says:

    Lovely! What a treasure to have these!!

  4. meridith says:

    Love these! Happy Thanksgiving!

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