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{{ The babies, they grow- the Hulk’s 1mo letter }}

on November 9, 2012

As of tomorrow (technically, in 3 hours since the boy was born at 1am), the Hulk will be one whole month old! As of today, Tiny Dictator turned 3 months old! I am so so sad that they are growing so fast, but so excited to see them developing at the same time… you know the drill.

As I’ve seen many of you doing, I decided to write my babies month letters.  I’m still working on hers, but his is below.  🙂 I will add photos soon too, still trying to decide how we want to do their month photos.


November 10, 2012

Dear Paxton,

My newest little love… you are one month old today! Your moms cannot believe how fast time is going by. How are you already one month old?!  This past month has been the most rewarding, joyful month of my entire life.  It is hard to remember life before you came into it- before I knew your face, your scent, the color of your gorgeous blue eyes or the feel of your warm little body cuddled up against mine. It is hard to remember a time before I had a son.

At one month, you are a very healthy, very big baby boy.  The last time you were weighed (at three weeks) you weighed in at a hefty ten and a half pounds- already up two pounds from your birth weight!  Everyone who meets you comments on your size, and you are already edging your way into 3-6 month clothing! That’s crazy, kid. If you wouldn’t mind slowing it down a little, I’d rather not have to buy you 6-9 month clothing in the next month or so… can we wait a little while on that? Thanks.

I have had so much fun getting to know you these past weeks.  For instance, son, your mama and I have learned, to our delight and amusement, that you are a growler. Not just a growler, but a growler. You growl ALL the time.  If you are comfortable and we move you, you growl at us.  In the middle of the night while you are sleeping in your cosleeper (more on this in a minute), you growl (and grunt, and generally make noise) so much that we can’t tell if you’re awake or asleep- though usually, you’re asleep.  And, inexplicably, you growl at mommy’s boobs whenever you’re nursing! It is so cute to listen to… generally we hear a pattern of “suck suck suck, swallow, growl growl growl, suck suck suck, swallow, growl growl growl…”.  You’ve even growled loudly enough while nursing at night that you’ve woken your mama up (and she’s a deep sleeper)!  Whatever your reasons for growling, it is adorable and I hope you don’t stop!

We’re also learning about your likes and dislikes, though there is still plenty left for you to teach us, of course.  For instance, we’ve learned that a lot of the time you would prefer to be sitting (propped) up, rather than lying cuddled into a mom’s chest… very sad for your moms, who would love to keep you cuddled close 100% of the time!  You like to hold your head up and look around in different directions (you can do this now for 30 second intervals, before you get tired and thunk your head back down on our chests), and you like to be able to see the world around you. You are still middle-of-the-road about your pacifier… when we give it to you, you do calm down but you also get a very confused look on your face and give it a few tentative sucks before really committing to it.  Most of the time you just spit it back out at us- it’s not the greatest tool for soothing you right now! You are also not a morning person, little one.  In fact, you hate waking up in general and can be reliably counted on to wake up cranky and fussing from any nap you take.  You are quickly soothed by nursing, though- thank goodness!  You have a hoarse-sounding cry, similar to an old man’s voice, which has led to us calling you our “little old man” on more than one occasion (well, that and the fact that you’ve got a receding hairline and are completely bald on the top of your head, just like a little old man- hopefully you get some hair there soon!).  You hate your carseat with a fierce, fiery passion.  The first ten minutes of any car ride with you are generally filled with the sound of you screaming at the top of your not-so-little lungs, and you frequently get so upset that you do the screaming-without-sound cry and your moms hold their breath as we wait for you to remember to breathe again!  After ten minutes of full-on screaming, you usually lose steam and/or fall asleep, but it still breaks your moms’ hearts to hear you so upset and not be able to do anything about it.  I’m really sorry your car seat makes you so angry, son, but I hope you get used to it soon!

Lets talk sleeping now- or lackthereof!  Your favorite way to get some is while draped across a mom.  At night time, we often try to put you down into your cosleeper- emphasis on the word try.  We’re only successful about fifty percent of the time- the rest of the time, you wake right back up again and fuss until we pick you back up.  When that happens, you inevitably end up falling asleep while nursing or with your head on our chests.  Safe to say, you’re winning the nighttime sleep battle right now.  You also hate being swaddled, which is unfortunate- I think if you liked it more you wouldn’t wake up as easily when we try to put you down! Any attempt to swaddle you before you’re sound asleep leads to you fighting it and more of that adorable grunting I was talking about. However, even though your moms would like a little more sleep and a little more bed space, I love waking up to your warm, sweaty (slobbery) face snuggled into my chest and I know the day will come when that no longer happens… so I try to treasure these cuddly times while I can (even while mourning my sleep loss).   You usually wake up twice per night to nurse- down around 11pm, up around 1am, and again around 4am before getting up for the day around 7am.  Each nursing session takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes, or I fall asleep and later wake up to you still curled up against my chest, sleeping peacefully.  You also take several hour long naps interspersed randomly throughout the day.  So, not too bad, but I’m looking forward to when you sleep a little more at night kiddo!

One of the most rewarding parts of your existence so far has been the development of our breastfeeding relationship.  It hasn’t always been easy (when you’re tired or feeling cranky, you have a habit of SCREAMING at my boob like it has personally offended you!), but together, you and I have it mostly figured out. I love snuggling your warm little body into mine for a quiet nursing session, looking down into your deep blue eyes as you look up into mine, and listening to your quiet breathing, sucking, and growling.  I love when you fall asleep afterwards and I get to watch you sigh contentedly and snuggle into me in your sleep.  It is so sweet and I am so glad I chose to breastfeed- I would hate to have missed this special time.

Overall, son, this first month of your life has been amazing, wonderful, joyous, and perfect.  I have enjoyed every single moment with you and even though I already feel like you’re growing up too fast, I can’t wait to see you develop even more and see who you become. I love you baby boy!



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  1. pepibebe says:

    Oh that’s adorable- I love the growling breastfeeding bit – sounds so freaking cute!

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