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{{ The babies, they grow: TD’s 3mo letter }}

on November 9, 2012

Dear Addiekins,

Little love, you’re three months old today, and officially no longer a newborn.  We officially have an infant on our hands, and OH how I love you!!!  Over the past two months, you have charmed us and deeply embedded yourself into our hearts. It has been such a joy and a privilege to watch you growing.

When you first came to us, you were just over 4 weeks old. You were the same age Pax is now, all small and squirmy and not able to hold your own head up.  My dear, you are still squirmy and relatively small but that’s about all that is the same for you.  You have grown so much- it’s hard to remember you being so little and helpless. Physically, you are growing bigger and stronger! We’re not entirely sure of your weight or length right now, since your next pediatrician appointment is not for a month, but we can tell you’re getting more solid and you can hold your head and shoulders up with gusto now.  You also love to stand and can do so (with support, of course) for a minute or so before getting tired and s-l-o-w-l-y sinking back down into a crouch.  You are so coordinated with your body, reaching and grabbing things that only a few weeks ago, were frustratingly out of your ability to reach for.  You frequently like to suck on your fists, because glory of glories, you can actually put your hands in your mouth now, on purpose! You’re so coordinated that we are waiting for you to realize you can roll over any minute now- though hopefully not a minute where you’re unguarded on the couch or changing table, though we do our very best to never ever leave you in any situation where you could hurt yourself if you chose to roll over in that instant.

Now, my darling, you are a fiercely independent little girl… as long as independence can be had from the comfort of an auntie’s arms! By this, I mean that you like to be held a lot but while being held you would prefer to do your own thing. You definitely have your preferences for how you want to sit, which direction you want to face, and what you want to do! We affectionately call you our Tiny Dictator because frequently you screech your demands with your tiny little fist held up in the air. It’s basically adorable.  While in our arms, you always always always prefer to be sitting up (and generally burst into angry tears if we lay you down, even for two seconds, even in our arms), and will often nestle quietly in the crook of our arms, surveying your domain and trying to decide what to dictate next.

When you first came to us, we were basically mandated to hold you 24/7- any attempts to put you down were met with angry (or maybe sad) cries within the first few seconds.  Now darling, not that holding you is not an absolute joy, but aunties do have needs you know- like using the bathroom, for instance! There is nothing quite so futile as trying to relieve yourself while simultaneously trying to soothe and reassure the shrieking baby in the next room with just the sound of your voice.  It just doesn’t work and it’s stressful for everyone involved.  Luckily, you have grown since then, and so has your capacity to entertain yourself for short periods of time.  Your play mat is now a favorite activity- you love to swipe at all the toys we hang from it, and are particularly fond of this stuffed elephant toy we have that has all these rings and rattles attached for you to grab and play with.  Similarly, you are growing more tolerant of your swing (I think it helps that we got a newer, faster one) and have even been known to- gasp- fall asleep in it for a half hour or so!  Two months ago, this would have been unheard of (believe me, we tried- and failed).  I am so amazed at your ever-growing independence!

Other developments- you have started giggling, baby girl, and it is soooo much fun to listen to!  It is impossible to see your big wide-mouth tongue-out grin and hear your rolling little giggle and not grin back at you. Your laughter and your smiles are infectious and I would do anything to earn one! Luckily for me, it’s not hard to get a grin out of you- most of the time all we have to do is talk to you or look you in the eye! You’re very generous with your smiles, though we’re working on the frequency of the giggles.  You are a very happy baby in general- you don’t cry very much and you always wake up with a smile in the morning. So sweet!

Perhaps most endearingly, you are showing signs now that you recognize us and are bonded with us.  You stop crying when we pick you up, you grin when we enter the room, and if you’re crying and I’m in another room, I can generally talk soothingly to you and you’ll stop your fussing to listen to me.  It’s beautiful to know that you know you can rely on us and trust us, and that maybe you even love us- because, baby girl, we love you soooooo much! It is an honor and a privilege to be in your life and see you growing every day, and I look forward to seeing what the coming weeks and months have in store.

I love you!


Auntie A


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