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It’s my due date and I’ll cry if I want to…

on September 27, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally reached it. Forty weeks. The end of the line… only, not really.
Today was a very mixed bag. There were naps with the little one (good thing), a midwife appointment (good thing) and then some tears and stress on the part of the pregnant lady (bad thing).  Believe it or not, the tears/stress were not over baby boy’s delayed arrival and my desire to have him appear, but instead were a much more hormone-induced routine breakdown over housework and messiness/clutter, of all things. And that was only the very last part of the day… other than that little meltdown, I think I am handling 40 weeks well.  Yes, I am impatient to be done, but not so impatient that it’s driving me crazy.  Mostly I’m building anticipation each time I imagine the birth, what baby boy will look like and be like, etc. It’s like a trip to disn.eyland that you’ve had planned for ages- happy anticipation and impatience.  But soon, he will be here, hopefully!

At the midwife appointment, she checked my cervix (ouch!) and it is 1 cm dilated and effaced (she didn’t say how much).  Shorty, on the way home updating people via phone, kept referring to it as “only” 1 cm dilated (and Realistic Me knows that this is true and it really is “only” 1cm), but at this point I will take whatever positive signs we can get because that’s 1cm down, nine to go and also because it’s a sign that my body is doing what it should.  I have a friend who went for her 40 week checkup and was not dilated at ALL, so I am very grateful for my one cm, thankyouverymuch. 😉  The truly good news was that baby boy HAS dropped- and I have proof! My fundal height last week was measuring an alarming (to me) 42 weeks (OMGi’mgrowingawhale) but this week, dropped to a satisfactory 34 weeks! Midwife said this is due to baby boy dropping low into my pelvis and engaging. Whoohoo!  Funny enough, Shorty had made a comment about him having dropped earlier in the day… we went to hug and as soon as we touched she went “wow! I can hug you without bending in half around your bump! you’ve dropped!”  Yes, yes I have.  🙂
And now I give you the forty week, fully-cooked bump picture… hopefully this is the last one we have to take! We went ahead and made a midwife appointment for next Wednesday, but even the midwife said she’s not sure we’ll make it to it.  Let’s hope not!



4 responses to “It’s my due date and I’ll cry if I want to…

  1. meridith says:

    So exciting! I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. Isa says:

    Great to hear he’s dropped! EJ never did–and it made everything so much more drawn out. Hoping your next update is one with some exciting news! Sending easy-labor vibes southeast!

  3. YAHOO!! Oh my goodness I’m so anxious that you’re going to go into labor and we won’t hear from you for two months. I’ll miss you 🙂 I’m with Isa – easy labor vibes all the way!

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