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Almost forgot, 38(+1) bumpdate

on September 14, 2012

With everything that’s been going on, I totally forgot to take or post a 38 weeks bumpdate yesterday… yet here we are, with only 12 days left to our due date!




Let’s take a moment to focus on the baby that’s still IN the womb, shall we?

This week, I definitely feel like baby’s dropped some. I feel all my movements further down now (still tons of bumps, nudges, and watching my whole belly roll as he moves from one side to the other!), and when I look straight down at my belly, it kind of slopes (I can almost see my belly button again!) instead of bumping straight out. Anyways, that’s my opinion, and if you disagree I don’t want to know! 😉  It’s about the only sign I have that anything is progressing, which is partly my own fault.  The midwife asked at our appointment this week if I wanted a cervix check and I declined, afraid it would be discouraging if I wasn’t at all dilated and potentially misleading if I was! I’m kind of regretting declining now, just because ANY information seems better than no information and this waiting game we’re playing! Getting a little bit impatient, for sure.



But at the same time… we still have so.much.crap to do before he gets here, which is kinda funny given what I told ya’ll in my previous post. You’d think it wouldn’t matter anymore, but there are still things like, oh, say, getting the connector for the hose for the birth pool so it can hook up to our sink, or clearing out the room I intend to set up the birth tub in so that the birth tub actually FITS in it, that seem slightly important to do. Only slightly.  <stress.>

Then there’s also the finding-room-for-all-the-baby-crap that needs to happen. That one’s slightly our own fault… when we learned we were having twins ;), we put out a call for baby girl stuff (seeing as we had none!) and BOY have people responded.  My house seriously feels like it can’t fit anymore stuff, and yet more keeps coming. ARRRRGH.  It’s so amazing to see people’s generosity, yet it’s to the point where it’s taking over the house!  Before the donations began, I had gathered several bins of perfectly good, name brand clothes and such that didn’t fit Shorty or T1 or I anymore that I wanted to sell in a garage sale or ebay, and even begun pricing and sorting… all of them are now going to goodwill STAT because at this point in time, I just want everything extraneous OUT of my house in an attempt to make it all feel less cluttered and make more room for baby stuff.  I’m even looking at long-treasured household knick-knacks, sentimental items, and books as potential goodwill fodder- I just want it all to go away and my house to be decluttered and clean!  I don’t know what you would call this instinct- reverse nesting?- but it’s there and it’s strong!  Hopefully I can get some of this stuff done tomorrow, to reduce stress levels and make myself feel more prepared. Somehow though, it seems like every time I go to do a task, the energy to actually do it leaves me after about 0.5 seconds and I find myself only wishing I had the energy to do it, instead of actually doing it.  I guess this is what happens to you when you’re 38 weeks pregnant. Procrastinators, take note- clean early!

I have tons more to post on the status of our new addition, but that is another post that will have to wait for another day- the baby’s sleeping and I need to go to bed!  For now… here’s your bumpdate!  Isweartomothereverything he’s dropping…

lovely stretch marks, newly-outed (herniated?) belly button, and all…

PS- if you asked for and haven’t gotten the password, could you comment here please? I’m not purposely overlooking anyone, just got sooooo many requests it’s hard to keep track! Thanks.


5 responses to “Almost forgot, 38(+1) bumpdate

  1. Emily says:

    Hi, I totally thought I had your pw… but apparently I don’t! Would you mind sending it again? Thanks! 🙂

  2. weddedwife says:

    This is so great 🙂 I don’t think you sorry crazy at all …. 12 days *insert giggle here*

    Can I have the password?

  3. sarah says:

    Do you mind sending me the password as well, (another couple trying to conceive still)

  4. Katie says:

    Hi, I have been following your blog for months. Would you mind sending the password?

  5. AmandaRaye says:

    Could I get a password?? I just started following your blog. I am another lesbian soon to be mother =) my email is AmandaRaye210@gmail.com

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