Raising a Blended Family

Dangit, Murphy!

on September 5, 2012

Dear Murphy (of Murphy’s Law fame),

I am shaking my fist at you. You know what you did.  We are not friends.




To the rest of you: I’m officially on home rest (NOT exclusive bedrest) for a weeklong trial period per the midwives, to see how my pressures do over the week.  There is a very real possibility of no more work at all, which I would be celebrating with all my might except for that it screws with things financially.  BP today was 140/90 when they took it, then slightly lower when they took it again. The words “induction” and “possibility” both came out of all four midwives’ mouths tonight, accompanied by Serious Faces and Lowered Voices.  And I am *still* shaking my fist at Murphy.


4 responses to “Dangit, Murphy!

  1. X says:

    Shaking my fist, too, while hoping for a healthy happy baby, however it happens.

  2. allisonlee says:

    Keep us updated.

  3. Fist shaking!! Grr. I hope that things don’t have get worse.

  4. meridith says:

    Hang in there baby (and mama)!

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