Raising a Blended Family


on August 25, 2012

So, blood pressure has not gotten better. It’s gotten worse. 😦
Friday we were out and about and I could just tell it was high. I was all puffy and swollen and I had a headache… so we stopped by a random CVS store to take it.

The first time, it came back at 160/96, or thereabouts.  The second time, 10 minutes later, the top was lower by a smidge and the bottom was higher by a smidge- but basically, same numbers.  Disbelieving, we took Shorty’s, thinking it would be higher than normal too and that the machine was just messed up.  Hers came back at a perfect 108/66. Crap.


We texted the midwife, who immediately wanted to know if I was having any “visual disturbances”- no, thank god.  She said that at this point they are going to run some tests, see how my liver and other organs are taking it, and “go from there.”  She didn’t define “go from there,” which honestly scares me a little.  It scared me more that they called today, twice, to “see how I’m doing” and symptom-check (headache- yes. swelling- yes. blood pressure-lower than yesterday (140/90ish), but still high).  I asked the midwife, flat-out, if this was something I needed to be concerned about… and she took a small pause and said “Well, we’re not trying to alarm you and we’re not in crisis mode yet, but I wouldn’t be calling if we weren’t concerned.”  Insert sinking feeling in my gut here.
We are doing what we can. Water and rest when I can (though I still have to work) and albumin powder and calcium magnesium citrate and prenatals.  That’s all we’ve got to throw at this so far.  I can’t get blood drawn for the lab tests until Monday, and we won’t know much more until that happens.  I am on strict orders to immediately report any blurry/flashing lights in my vision (I have gotten blurry vision with the headaches, which I told them), if headaches get worse and/or don’t go away, or if I get pitting edema.


I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen from here. I feel like our nice calm homebirth is slipping out of our hands and that makes me sad.  I’m afraid they might come back and say “you’re going to need to be on bedrest,” or worse- “we’re going to be inducing you” (which would mean a hospital birth)- and that makes me anxious.  It’s nerve-wracking, not knowing the future.  I feel like it’s one thing to be staring down the 5 week wait until our due date, knowing he could come at any time after 37 weeks… but it’s another to not even know if we will be making it to our due date/allowed to go that far, or being induced, or what.


I guess we’ll see. Stay safe in there, baby boy.  That’s really all I ask.


10 responses to “Sigh…

  1. Roxxroxx says:

    Oh, sometimes our bodies just don’t do what we want, do they?! Take care 🙂

  2. jessie says:

    Oh my. Will be thinking about you!

  3. Mary says:

    Obviously freaking out won’t help the situation, but as any of us who have developed pre-e will tell you, it’s serious. When my BP hit 160/100 (with some protein and elevated liver enzymes) I was put on hospital bedrest. Hopefully your midwife will do a stat order on your bloodwork so you can get it as soon as possible, and also order a 24hr urine collection (more accurate than the dip test). As a mom planning a natural birth there’s definitely extra stress when you are facing the unknown. Wishing you all the best!

  4. Saying little prayers that this isn’t going to end in an induction or hospital birth. I know the relaxed home birth means so much to you both. I hope that if you do end up on bed rest, it helps the BP go down and you can resume regularly scheduled birthing 🙂

  5. LaurieAnn says:

    Have you had your BP checked using a regular cuff and stethascope? The BP machines in pharmacies are not accurate… I had taken mine using one of the machines during my first pregnancy and the midwife basically said to never do that again, lol. Thinking of you!

  6. Kirsten says:

    Hang in there! Thinking of you and sending calming, relaxing, healthy vibes your way.

  7. X says:

    So sorry to read this and still hopeful that the steps you are taking now will lead to everything working out okay in the end, giving you not only a healthy, happy baby but also the birth that you are hoping for…

  8. Isa says:

    Hoping that you still get your homebirth! Have you talked to your midwife about what a hospital birth (or induction) would look like? It’s possible that you could get a lot of what you’re hoping for even if that happens, and it might be reassuring for you to have it planned out just in case. I know that having all sorts of contingencies written into my birth plan helped me feel a lot more in control of the situation and less like everything was just being thrown to the wind, even when it wasn’t going how we’d hoped it would. Fingers crossed for nice low bp for you tomorrow!

  9. allison-lee says:

    Wishing you the best… you still have a number of weeks to get things under control. I’m sure the midwives will do all they can to help.

  10. meridith says:

    Hang in there! I hope you still can have the home birth. Regardless, a successful birth is the one to root for!

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