Raising a Blended Family

34 weeks bumpdate.

on August 16, 2012

…I can’t understand how this kid is supposed to be gaining a freakin 1/2 pound to pound a week soon.  He has nowhere left to go!

Also, this week I started getting stretch marks under my belly.  Or maybe I started getting them awhile ago, but never noticed until now… not like I can see down there or anything!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


5 responses to “34 weeks bumpdate.

  1. awesome!! He’s gonna keep growing out, that’s where he’ll grow.

  2. Roxxroxx says:

    He’s large! There must be room- it’s what our bellies were made to do!

  3. allison-lee says:

    Lookin’ good! I’m sure you’ll grow to accommodate!

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