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30+1 (The miles just keep rollin’).

on July 20, 2012

So we hit the thirty week mark yesterday and you know what? I was so damn tired I forgot to blog. Oops.

Milestones and time are flying by though! I can’t believe we’re thirty weeks* (I know I say something along those lines every week) and I can’t believe it’s almost the end of July. I’m one of those people who looks forward to long-distance events by keeping track of all the things that have to happen in between the current time period and the time period when the event I’m looking forward to is happening. So for instance, for the birth of this baby, my timeline and internal dialogue  has looked like this:

After I take this test Saturday, after our first babyshower (may), after we go on our honeymoon/babymoon trip (July), after my parents get here and then leave (midJuly), after Thing One turns seven (midJuly) and after she starts school (August), after the consignment sale (endAugust), THEN the next big thing to happen will be the baby being born!

And you know what? I can cross off most of that list now!

We’ve had our babyshower and been on our anniversarybabymoon: check.

My parents and brother were in town through yesterday evening, and left yesterday night after we all had dinner. It was so good to see them, but honestly I’m glad to have our own space back.  Our house is not large and 6 people in it is a bit much, especially for two weeks.  So they left and the next time I see my mother, Shorty and I will have a two week old! The next time I see brother and father will be at Christmas.  It all feels so far away and yet, time flies.

Another milestone that just passed is that Thing One turned seven yesterday!  I’m pretty sure she thinks her birthday is a week-, if not month-long affair though, because we had celebrations last Saturday, Wednesday, yesterday (her actual birthday) and now she’s going to her dad’s this weekend for more celebrations.  Our Saturday celebrations (swimming at the water park) were cut short due to Thing One having a stomach bug, but our celebrations Wednesday night with her cousins (spaghetti factory and rock climbing) were a huge hit. Thing One took to the rock walls like a fish takes to water- Shorty and I were amazed! She had no problems scaling rock walls that were well above her head and she was GOOD at it- not just hanging on the ropes and waiting to be hauled up like a normal seven year old, but actually truly climbing and finding footholds and stretching out to reach handholds.  I was really impressed- Shorty and I are talking about trying to find out if there are any classes she could take in our area.  Thing One had a blast climbing walls with her cousins and it was fun for me to watch her having fun!

So the next milestone between me and this baby is officially when Thing One starts school- on August 8th!  Time between now and then is going to fly, and then time between then an the end of September is also going to fly. It’s all so exciting and I can’t wait!  My dad helped us to finish up painting the nursery (he painted all the trim for us), as well as fixing so many other things around the house while he was here.  It was really awesome of him and thanks to him we’re a lot closer to being ready and we can move stuff into the nursery. Things are starting to move!


*Sidenote: once upon a time, 30 weeks seemed SOOOOO advanced in pregnancy!  Looking up at 30 weeks from the mere position of 8, 10, 12, 13 weeks, it seemed so advanced and like, at that point, baby would be just around the corner.  From 30 weeks looking out now though, I can say that while I *am* amazed that we are here (already!), baby feels faaaaaar from *just around the corner*.   We still have 10 weeks left, and I’m looking at my coworker who’s 36 weeks now and others around me who are in the upper 30’s… and I have to admit I’m feeling a little jealous! There, I said it: I have pregnancy jealousy!  I know baby will be here soon enough but I am having an impatient moment.  The end.

And now, picture time!


Thirty week bumpdate… I feel massive!


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One response to “30+1 (The miles just keep rollin’).

  1. allison-lee says:

    Happy Birthday Thing 1 and congratulations on reaching the 30 week mark! You’re 3/4 of the way there! I hope you’ll post photos of the nursery once it’s all set up. Can’t wait to meet the baby!!

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