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oh where, oh where, did this blog disappear to?

on July 12, 2012

Okay, so I admit, I disappeared on you for a minute.  I’m sorry!  I have lots of good excuses reasons though- we’ve been pretty busy!!!

  • We went on vacation for our babymoon/first anniversary and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! We went down to Gatlinburg and spent some time poking around the tourist shops, went to the aquarium, hiked in the Smoky Mountains National Park, and in general just enjoyed being with each other. We hiked almost 3 miles round trip (uphill all the way there) to a GORGEOUS waterfall and did another hike uphill half a mile to the top of a mountain ridge for some beautiful photo ops… I was very proud of myself for making it 🙂 but the view was more than enough reward.  We got a couples massage and mine was tweaked so that it was a maternity massage- OMG heaven!!!!!!! I was drooling by the end of it. 🙂  We stayed in a beautiful cabin BandB on a mountain ridge and had the place all to ourselves as we were the only guests… it was just lovely all around and we were very sad to leave! I’ll post pictures below.
  • We turned 28, then 29 weeks.  I have seven words for you: I can’t believe we’ve come this far!  Baby is moving and kicking and groovin’ to his own little beat in there. I love feeling the kicks and bumps and turns and roll overs and whatever else he’s doing in there.  Also, while we were on vacation, on our one year anniversary exactly, two important things happened:  First, Shorty finally saw him move from the outside! She’s felt him plenty of times before but she finally actually got to see my stomach bounce in response to his movement, and it was really cool!  Also: my colostrum came in.  I don’t know how to describe it really, but it was a huge and overwhelming at the time and as soon as I realized my boobs were leaking I completely burst into tears.  I was happy that my body was doing what it should be but also, it felt overwhelming in the moment because I don’t feel ready to breastfeed our baby yet!  Is that weird? I’m feeling less psyched out now and more happy that this is (hopefully) proof that I won’t be having a hard time with my milk supply, but you never know.
  • We got our 3D ultrasound done!!!!!!!  It was part of the study so it was free, luckily, because Baby was NOT cooperative!  I’ve got an anterior placenta and baby was basically nestled up beside it the entire time facing it, making it impossible to get any full on shots.  That being said, the shot we did get I am in love with and can’t stop staring at our little baby!!!!!!!  And yes, we confirmed that he is indeed a boy (you never know!).
  • My parents and brother are in town visiting. They got here the day we got home from vacation and will be here through T1’s 7th birthday, which is coming up on Thursday.  The visit has been a little hectic and tense so far, but we basically had a family pow wow tonight and so hopefully things will be better from now.  I’ve been having fun showing my mom all the baby stuff we’ve gotten so far and we’ve got a trip to babies r us on the dockett for tomorrow… should be fun. 🙂 I haven’t really had a chance to baby shop or enjoy this pregnancy with my mom because she lives so far away so I’m enjoying this chance to do that now.
  • T1 came back from her dad’s the same day we got back from vacation and my parents got into town. She was there for 6 weeks per the custody agreement and seeing her only every other weekend was hard.  It’s been so good having her home again, though today the poor baby (and my mom) were sick with some sort of digestive tract bug… not fun. Poor kiddo.

So yeah, we’ve been busy!  Below, see photo proof, including modified bump pics from 28 weeks (vacation) and 29 weeks (today with my parents in town).

28 week improvised bump picture. =)

29 weeks!!!!!

Our wittle baby….

peeking out from behind his placenta… I cannot stop staring at this face!!!!


3 responses to “oh where, oh where, did this blog disappear to?

  1. This looks like an awesome time!!

  2. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing them with us! Looks like it was an amazing experience 🙂

  3. Great pictures! The one of you pointing up at the shark made me laugh out loud! And what a cute wittle baby you have 🙂

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