Raising a Blended Family

26 weeks…

on June 21, 2012

..and holy hell, do I feel pregnant now.

This week was accompanied by lots and lots and lots of heartburn (ugh), feelings of belly stretching (but no huge marks yet, although the ones on my side are getting worse), and lots of huffing and puffing any time I have to roll over/get up off the couch/etc.  Yeah. Pregnancy is sexy (insert eyeroll here).  It was also accompanied by ridiculous amounts of hunger!  I think if this keeps up I will end up eating us out of house and home.  We had lasagna for dinner one night and after eating my portion, an hour later, I was hungry again- and that’s how it’s been all week.  I have to wonder if he’s going through a growth spurt or something-  I just can’t seem to stop eating!  This baby is gonna come out the size of a sumo wrestler.  😦

Speaking of preparing for him to come out though, we went and picked out paint swatches for the nursery this past weekend.  We have yet to actually pick the final color (some shade of light blue) but anything will be an improvement over the pale yellowish color currently on the walls (not that I have anything against yellow or even yellow walls, but our whole house is that color and I’m kind of sick of it).  We have high hopes that when my parents come to town in two weeks (gulp) my handy dandy dad will help us buckle down and get it all fixed up.  He’s good like that- plus I know he’ll be bored to death here in the middle of the Corn State and will be itching for things to do.  🙂  Shorty and I also picked out the baby’s bedding- not that it will matter for a long while, since he will be upstairs with us in his cosleeper, but still…

Isn’t it adorable?!?!?!

It’s feeling more and more like we’re almost all set, baby-gear wise, for him to be here (mentality-wise and actual physical readiness-wise we’ve still got a long way to go!). Gear-wise, we still need to acquire a pack n play, and a changing table for upstairs- his crib downstairs will have a changing table attached to it, luckily.  More diapers, more wipes, diaper pails and liners… but considering the overwhelming shopping list I was staring down at the beginning of these shenanigans, all of that seems very doable!  And we’ve also decided we’re completely set on clothes from 0-6 months.  We’ve got tons and tons of baby sleepers, sleep sacks, swaddlers, onesies, pjs, and every other form of baby clothing imaginable… plus my parents are bringing us a tote full of baby gear we got from our first shower and we still have one more shower to go!  So we’ve put a moratorium on clothes-shopping and when we do begin again (or when my mother goes apesh*t all over the baby aisle while she’s out here) we’re aiming to buy up in sizes and start getting things from 6mos on up.  Sounds reasonable, no?

And finally, a bump picture for ya’ll… I swear I’ve grown this past week! I could FEEL it stretching at times. Very odd.  My bump also seems to have become more… square?  LOL I wonder how he’s lying in there to cause that!


2 responses to “26 weeks…

  1. allison-lee says:

    That bedding set is gorgeous, but if you’re like us you won’t end up using half of it. (Non-breathable) Bumpers have been recognized as suffocation hazard and babies don’t use blankets for the same reason. If I can make a suggestion, I would recommend buying a nice crib skirt and sheet(s) plus a breathable bumper.

  2. Isa says:

    you look great! And good for you, slowing down on clothing. I think because we waited to find out that she was a girl things really went nuts once she was born–my mother COULD NOT RESIST the pink stuff! I just can’t believe you’re at 26 weeks already!

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