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25 weeks?! Whoa!!!

on June 14, 2012

So this week’s number for some reason is making me step back and say “whoa” in a way that the last 4-5 weeks really haven’t.  25 weeks? Holy crap!  25 is a big number. 25 is solidly in pregnant land (I know, I know, we’ve been in pregnant-land for a good long while now, but you know what I mean).  25 weeks is only 2 weeks out from third tri, only 15 weeks from our due date. 25 weeks.  It just seems like a lot.

I had my first stranger smile and ask me when I was due today. 🙂  To be fair, it wasn’t a COMPLETE stranger… some lady I pass in the hallway of the hospital I work at every morning, who I usually just politely nod at and continue on my way… but still, words have never been exchanged before and I’ve certainly never told her I’m pregnant.  Huh. Guess I must be showing. 🙂

Pregnancy symptoms this week have included a lot of soreness and some swelling. Earlier today, when Shorty and I went out on our walk, my hands and feet started tingling and swelling and by the time we got home my ankles and fingers were puffy.  It was a really strange sensation, but it got better once I put my feet up and drank some water.  Also, I’m finding that I’m sore a lot in my hips and pelvis/groin region… getting out of bed in the mornings, or getting up from chairs is when it’s particularly noticeable and when I am most prone to waddling for a few minutes afterwards.  Dr. Google tells me this is all par for the course as the hormone relaxin literally “relaxes” my joints and muscles, making them hinge and stretch further than they normally would during the course of everyday use and making me sore in the process. Ah, well.  Speaking of things doing things they don’t normally do, my belly button is getting even more shallow! It is still not an outie by any stretch of the imagination but it has gotten to where it’s so shallow that if I push down lightly on either side of it, it pops out!  This has become a new (strange, I know) fascination of mine and I guess we’ll see if I end up with an outie at the end of the next 15 weeks!  Finally, I have been S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G this week… no amount of food is enough! Earlier, I asked Shorty to get me a few hot dogs while she was up, and she asked how many I wanted… I said three.  She gaped at me in disbelief and told me, slowly and reasonably, that we would start with two and see how I felt afterwards.  Those two hotdogs were gone SO FAST all she could do was sit there and blink at me, and watch in disbelief as I got up, got myself another one, and downed it, too.  I was HUNGRY (and now I’m hungry again, speaking of…)

In home news, poor Shorty has been battling the world’s most killer migraine all week.  She’s been laid out on the couch unable to go into work or do much of anything since Sunday afternoon, poor lady.  Today was the first day she finally found some relief, after I drove her unwilling self to the doctor’s yesterday and we experimented with some new injection-type medications to knock the headache out.  Thus far, they seem to be working, although Shorty is not a huge fan… they have to be injected in the butt and the needle really isn’t that small.  I don’t think I’d like that too much either although as the one NOT being stuck in the butt, I do get to giggle a little when she waddles around afterwards and sits down gingerly because her rear is sore. 🙂  All’s fair in love and war, and I know she will be/already has been doing the same thing to me as my waddle really sets in and I get more and more ungainly.  Ah, love.

T minus two weeks and a handful of days until our vacation and wedding anniversary. Really looking forward to getting away from it all with just my wife, having a breather during which to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.  It will be nice.

Last but not least, my favorite moment of the week that I wanted to share: falling asleep cuddling with my wife, her arm draped over my stomach, and the baby doing his bodily best to “remove” her arm with all his physical strength and prowess.  I didn’t even have to say anything… we were just laying there feeling him kick and she was like, “Is that the baby?”  She already knew the answer though, and we just lay there in the dark quietly, both of us feeling our son moving as we drifted off to sleep.  Love.  <3.

Bump pics! You get TWO this week, just for being such good readers.  🙂

The standard bare belly pic….

And me in one of my favorite new summer outfits (spent waaaay too much on maternity maxi dresses at Ol.d Nav.y, but DAMN those things are comfortable!!!!!!)


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  1. beautiful bump! Glad things are going well!

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