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24 weeks=6 months?

on June 7, 2012

So my pregnant friend and I were having a debate.  As of today Shorty and I are 24 weeks (yay!) and my friend will be 30 weeks tomorrow.  According to the calendars I’m looking at, I have just reached 6 months pregnant and she is in the middle of month 7.  According to her pregnancy app, she’s 7 months tomorrow and I’m only 5 months.  Insert confusion here…

Regardless though, I’m definitely 24 weeks and most of the articles I have read generally agree that we have now reached the “point of viability”- ie, if Mr. Man were born now he would have at least a chance of survival.  Obviously, those odds would be low and we don’t want him to come any time soon regardless- bake, baby, bake! Don’t you dare come out yet- listen to your mothers, young man!- but it’s nice to have at least a small modicum of a safety net underneath us.  Even if we have no intentions of using it (16 more weeks to go kiddo!).

Finally, although I have been feeling movement for a long time now and Shorty has felt it many times now, today was the first day I ever saw my stomachmove.  I was sitting here with the laptop on my lap earlier and I felt him kicking, so I moved the laptop (I think he doesn’t like it sitting on top of him, silly baby ;p) and sure enough every time I felt a kick there was a corresponding bulge from my tummy and it looked like the surface of my skin was dancing.  It was so cool!  Unfortunately Shorty wasn’t here to see it and attempts to videotape it utterly failed, but hopefully he’ll do it again soon. Hands down it was the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.   =)

And now for the 24 week bump pic… ta-da!!!!!!

I’ll also wish you all a premature happy weekend now- this weekend will be filled with visits to the midwife and Indy Pride for us (plus a wine-tasting for the nonpregnant one), and it’s going to be busy but fun!  Hope ya’ll have a good one too.  🙂


2 responses to “24 weeks=6 months?

  1. allison-lee says:

    Yay for movement!
    And I would say that 24w=6m, but that most babies are born closer to 10m than 9.

  2. Congrats on 24 weeks and happy pride!

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