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Random thoughts of a pregnant lady…

on June 5, 2012

This pregnancy just keeps trucking along!

We are at the point now where I am starting to think seriously about all of the things that need to be done before the baby gets here, and that I should probably get started on now while I can and while we have time.  Now, while I have the energy, now, while I am still relatively small (see bump picture below for a discussion on the “relatively” part of that statement, because I am actually starting to feel pretty big and knowing I could still poke out another 5 inches or so before it’s all done is starting to freak me out!), and now, before my mother and brother descend on us to stay from July to August or longer.  Now is certainly an ideal time to get things done or to start working on them, things like:

  • Get the second parent adoption thing up and running. We got the name of a good lawyer from a friend (the same who helped her with her SPA a few years back); now we just need to follow through and actually contact the lady.
  • The nursery, the nursery, the nursery.  Currently, Stuff is just piling up and there and while I am relishing having a “baby room” to put everything in and lots of baby Stuff to fawn over all the time, the organizational side of me is DYING to get the crib and put it together, get some wicker baskets and fold/sort all those cute little sleepers, get the walls painted, etc.  Plus I have DIY projects in mind like painting the letters of his name in coordination with the nursery decor and making some of those really cool booksling thingies.
  • Setting up the playroom.  This one deserves some explanation, but we’ve decided that I’m not going back to my job after Mr. Man is here.  Neither one of us relishes the idea of daycare for him, and so instead I’ll be staying home.  And although she’s a rockstar and keeps earning great promotions at work (you go, wife!), we currently can’t afford to live on Shorty’s salary alone so I will be doing home daycare with a couple of friends’ kids plus maybe an add on or two from craigslist (starting 6 weeks postpartum, ideally).  So the goal is to get the stuff for this playroom for the daycare all set up before Mr. Man gets here so that we won’t have to worry about it once he’s here and we can just jump into daycare whenever I feel up to it.
  • Buy the last of the baby gear.  Believe it or not, the “big stuff” is pretty much taken care of.  We got our stroller for our shower, the crib and downstairs changing table is from my mom,  carseat and one base from the study, baby carrier from the consignment sale, high chair from a friend, rock n play sleeper from the sale, cloth diapers from what we’ve been stockpiling/buying in small quantities… I could go on because it’s all fun cute baby stuff to me, but I don’t want to bore you. 😉   Suffice it to say we have a lot of stuff taken care of already! One major acquisition that we picked up last week was an arm’s reach cosleeper… barely used for $40!!!  Friggin’ sweet.  We are also acquiring our breast pump (Medela Freestyle) from an acquaintance tomorrow for $100… she never used it, just opened it.  Another score, and another big thing to check off, leaving us with relatively smaller, less costly, and more manageable items such as swaddlers, changing table, bassinet sheets, and pack n’ play to buy.

The stockpile… plus the bottom two shelves in the closet are his as well and we have an entire tote filled with clothes!

In other news, one of the things that was on my list until very recently was to set up child birth classes.  Even though we are going for the homebirth scenario, I am the kind of person who feels better with informed guidance and the more informed the better- especially since I’ve never done this before!  Also, during the class we will be getting a tour of the maternity ward we would end up at if anything were to go wrong with the home birth scenario; thus I feel like it’ll be a worthwhile experience all around.  So until today that was on my to-do list, and I called the lady to see when their sessions were starting and how long the classes ran… turns out the only class that fits within our 16 week window of now-until-due-date starts at the end of this month and goes for six weeks.  All the other classes ended either the week of our due date or right after our due date- much too close for comfort; thus, by process of elimination, we’ll be starting our birth classes at the end of the month right as we hit the third trimester mark!  It feels slightly early to me, considering we’ll be taking the class right alongside my 32 week coworker (who will be 34 weeks when the class starts!), but hey… information is information!

And finally, the-bump-that-is-not-classifiable-as-huge-yet-but-still-manages-to-make-me-feel-larger-than-NOT-pregnant:

23w5d =)

And in pregnancy-news-I-never-thought-I’d-admit… I actually asked Shorty to tie my shoes for me this weekend (and much to her credit, she obliged and didn’t even tease me.).  It was just sooooo much easier than bending down to do it myself or bending over the belly while sitting to do it…  😉

Time marches onnnnnnnnnn….


3 responses to “Random thoughts of a pregnant lady…

  1. You’re getting so much accomplished already. I think that it’s definitely better to be getting the info sooner rather than running out of time later. 🙂 And you get cuter and cuter every week.

  2. meridith says:

    I love that book sling! Also – you’re adorable!

  3. allison-lee says:

    Wow! You sound so organized and well-prepared. This summer will be baby-prep time for us. I’m glad our active toddler will be in daycare (most days –I do plan on keeping him with me a good bit) so that I can get stuff done!

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