Raising a Blended Family

Relief and excitement.

on May 30, 2012

So in other news, today was our very last OB appointment.  We only used her went back to her to get our twenty-more-like-twenty-two week ultrasound done and get results on the cheap, since my insurance covers them through her office and not through the midwife.  I feel a little bit bad about using her and leaving her, particularly because on the way out the door she told me not to forget to stop by the receptionist to set up our next appointment. Yeah, about that…

In good news though, results came back all normal and in the clear from the ultrasound.  It’s something I didn’t even realize I was worried about until I had to sit and nervously twiddle my thumbs while the doc ran out of the room mid-appointment to get the results when I asked her about them.  She hadn’t even seen them yet and they weren’t in my chart so she had to go hunt them down and I had to sit there and wait.  It was nerve-wracking but ultimately everything is fine.

With that over, it’s time to look onwards and upwards… staring summer straight in the face! It kind of officially kicked off with our california trip this past week, and then this weekend we have a family pride picnic hosted by our local LGBT group that we’re going to, next weekend is the midwife appointment and a baby shower (not ours, someone else’s lol) and Pride (if we can make it), weekend after that is actually free, and then the weekend after that we’re heading off on our babymoon vacation… and when we get home, my mom and brother will be here to stay for a monthish! By the time they leave, T1 will be starting school, we’ll be halfway through third tri, and we’ll be looking forward to fall starting!  Whew!

I have a feeling time is going to flyyyyyy by these next few months… and I’m looking forward to loving every second of it.  =)


3 responses to “Relief and excitement.

  1. allison-lee says:

    Glad to hear everything is good.
    Are you going to find out the gender now or wait? (Or did I miss that update?)

  2. SotOhana says:

    I bet that feels good to know that the next few months are going to fly by. I can only imagine how excited you two must be to hold your little man. I, for one, can’t wait to read all about the fun you are having over the summer! 🙂

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