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Yep that’s my son….

on May 21, 2012

So let me start this post off by letting you know this is Shorty posting, and I absolutely hate doctors. I will kick and scream all the way to the doctor’s office if made to go.  My wife insists that I go to the doctor at every sneeze, stubbed toe, or twinge, and I go kicking and screaming every time (Amazon’s note: I do not!).

Anyways, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with my son…well, he does not like doctors either. Today we had another ultrasound and my boy was not willing to cooperate at all. We didn’t even get good baby photos due to him hiding his face with his arms and hands, crossing his legs, moving around and curling up. The tech had an extremely hard time getting the measurements and photos that she needed, which tells me that my boy does not like doctors and will kick and scream every time we make him go to one.

So yep that’s my son..and I am absolutely completely in love with him.

Life is Good =)


2 responses to “Yep that’s my son….

  1. haha. He’s not ready for public eye just yet. Maybe he’s gonna be a shy boy that doesn’t like to be exposed on command. lol 🙂

  2. zeebah says:

    One of our girls was very, very modest and wiggly when it came to the ultrasound. In fact, we knew her sister was a girl a full MONTH before we found out Ru was a girl because she wouldn’t stop moving! Funny, she’s still a wiggle worm at 2 3/4, so… 🙂

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