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21 weeks and counting the days away….

on May 17, 2012

We are 21 weeks today, which doesn’t feel like any sort of milestone except for it being one more week down, 19(ish) to go.  But hey… it’s progress and I’ll take it.  Mr. Man has been kicking the crap out of me at least 3x daily now (and often nightly as well), which I have to say I am in love with.  Not all of the kicks feel wonderful, but it’s so great to be able to feel him period, and Shorty can feel sometimes too by placing her hand on my belly.  I’m noticing a pattern to his movements… every morning on my car ride in to work I get kicked (not a fan of car rides, I suppose) and every afternoon when I come home and gratefully stretch out on the couch, after about 5 minutes of laying there I get kicked again!  And then usually while I’m trying to fall asleep and other random times during the day, like whenever I set the laptop on top of him to rest (like now lol).  I love it, and I love him!

Also, we only have 3 full days and one half day until we get to see him again at our scan. =)

And… California… in 5 days!!!  I am having dreams about walks on the beach, visits with family, In n Out Burger (anyone? anyone?), and Mexican food galore. (Side note on this: Shorty has spent a great deal of time laughing at me these past few weeks because I have spent half my time planning our visits with relatives/friends and the other half planning where and what to eat while we’re in Cali!!!!  I can’t help it… I miss Cali food so much.  I’m a foodie, plus I’m pregnant… so of course good food will be on my list of priorities! The little mexican taco shop hole-in-the-wall type places, or the nice big Mexi restaurants with the Mariachis that come around, In n Out burger, Rubios, Daphne’s greek cafe…. JAMBA JUICE.  Okay I’m done but can’t you see there’s just so much to plan to eat?!?! /end side note).

Time-wise and stress-wise, Shorty and I are both in a place where we could really use a break from work and it seems like this trip comes at the perfect time for that.  We are both really excited as well to be going somewhere ON OUR OWN, sans kids.  I have caught myself starting to plan everything I need to pack for the kids for this trip a few times, or thinking about taking them to the beach and getting them all showered and un-sand-ified afterwards, or how bored they’re gonna be on the plane and different ways to entertain them… and then it hits me.  They’re staying here! (At their respective other parents’, each of them). Insert sigh of relief. We get to take a plane ride as just adults, without having to worry about entertaining the under-ten set…  we get to have walks on the beach without having to take half the beach home with us in our kids’ hair and bathing suits… we get to have ADULT dinners at ADULT restaurants without having to arrange a sitter or leaving the kids with grandma.  And we get to do it for four days!!!!!!!  What a luxury.  =) Rock on, quick getaway weekends!

Last things last- bumpdate!  Thanks for your lovely comments on the belly last week. 🙂 I have started getting comments ow from people I work with about my bump, mainly because scrub tops are starting to fit more snugly now and there are even a few I can’t wear anymore.  It is silly but after weeks of being surrounded by big-bumped women who are further along in their pregnancies than I am, I’m glad to finally be starting to have some physical, visible proof that I am pregnant too!  Plus (and I know this is also silly), I’m glad to have at least a small bump before our surprise baby shower… ’cause when you picture a baby shower, you picture a big fat pregnant mama as the guest of honor, right?!  Not some lady with no bump to show off… 🙂  In any case… here is this week’s bumpdate:  Mr Man has one more week to grow before our shower next Saturday!


4 responses to “21 weeks and counting the days away….

  1. meridith says:

    I’m from Arizona and out here on the east coast we’re in a terrible southwestern/mexican/in-n-out desert. Every time I go back to visit (not often enough) almost all my planning revolves around fitting tons of awesome food in. I totally understand!

  2. your belly is TOO cute!!!

  3. X says:

    I can’t believe so much time has passed!! Just keep growing little guy! Hope the scan goes well 🙂

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