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Still over the moon- most of us, anyways.

on April 30, 2012

Thank you for all your congratulations!!!  I’m still in shock and awe and love about this boy of ours who’s on the way.   Shorty told me after the ultrasound that since we know the sex, she’s ready now for the baby to be here.  I just Looked at her and told her sarcastically that I’m glad that of the three of us (me, her and the baby), at least one of us is ready… but she better put her patient pants back on because this kid still has 22 more weeks in the incubator.  LOL.  I understand the impatience though.  I think seeing the ultrasound and having the baby actually look like a baby (instead of a peanut with a tail, as viewed last on ultrasound) and seeing the arms/feet/legs/head and being able to tell body parts apart… I think all of that made it all so very much more real than it was before.  Shorty has started talking to the baby and kissing my belly this week, something I find incredibly sweet and loving.  We both call him by his name all the time (edited to add: almost slipped there! ;)) and overall I really just feel like we actually have a baby on the way! For real!

On our way home from the ultrasound Friday, we both felt like celebrating, so we took ourselves to the nearest baby store and bought- what else?- baby stuff!  One of those cute baby on board signs and an ultrasound frame to put his profile picture in and a bunch of clearance baby winter clothes.  We didn’t break the bank but we did have fun, plus we bought a snowsuit and some fleecy warm suits that were on clearance and will be perfect for next winter when the baby’s only 3 months old- $20 normally, $4.50 each on clearance.  BOO-yeah!

Our celebration haul (part of it). I just want to have a BABY to put in them!

So overall, we’re very happy.  I should add that in addition to the yay-we-know-the-gender happiness that’s going on around here, there’s also some added excitement because Shorty really wanted a boy and because a boy is something new.  There have been some discussions between Shorty and I about what life with an infant is going to be like, because although Shorty raised T1 as a baby and has been through infanthood before, I have not.  Thus, we are not exactly going to be “new parents” together because one of us has gone through it all before (and because we are both full blown parents to a six year old and guardians (basically) to a three year old).   So while Shorty may have been through infanthood before with T1, she herself has pointed out that she has not been through infanthood with a boy before and while much will be the same, some will be different.  It just makes it more special, to raise this son of ours together, separate from any experience either one of us has had before.  Make sense at all? (If not, just go back to the simple idea of “yay they’re excited for a boy” and leave it at that, lol).

So yes. We’re happy.

PS- Totally almost forgot to tell you guys.  We told the kids over the weekend, and well.. the reactions were mixed and left something to be desired.  Bubby was apathetic about it and slightly confused (which we can understand because he’s living with us and we’re having a boy, but his mom is also pregnant and she’s having a girl. It’s a lot for him to take in).  Thing One was, quite frankly, hilarious about it, although her reaction was a little bit of a bubble-burster at the time.  We gave her a bib that said “I’m the little brother” and had her read it and tell us what it meant.  When she figured out that it meant the baby was a boy, she called him a “boring baby brother” and demanded that we make it a girl instead.  When we told her that wasn’t possible, she cried inconsolably all.the.way.home at full volume (47 minutes and 36 seconds for those of us counting… not that anyone was. Ahem.).  Two days later she’s still not particularly excited- her main concern being that the baby will now be sleeping with Bubby instead of her and playing with Bubby’s toys instead of hers.  We’re working on explaining what a newborn actually is so that they won’t be expecting a full-grown ready-to-play kid to pop out of there at any second… but I think the idea is going to take some time to sink in, and may not actually fully sink in until the baby is actually here and screaming in their ears.  🙂  Still, it’s pretty cute that they both seem to have this idea that there’s a miniature playmate on the way.  Hopefully T1 gets used to having a brother!


3 responses to “Still over the moon- most of us, anyways.

  1. I wasn’t able to comment on the other post so I wanted to say YAY! IT’S A BOY!!! Very happy for you 🙂

  2. Isa says:

    Ha! Poor T1. I bet she’ll come around when she realizes how cute he is! Lynn apparently took over and became a little mom to her brother when he was born (she was 5). Yay for baby stuff! 🙂 And yes, eventually seeing the little face in black and white gets REALLY old, because all you want is to see it in person!

  3. 2mommiestobe says:

    Yay for shopping smart…I found some sneakers on sale before Kendall was born and she won’t be able to fit in them till maybe next year lol.

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