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18 weeks!!! And tomorrow, we’ll know!

on April 26, 2012

Wowsa, 18 weeks already? 18 weeks seems significant to me, not only because it is on my list of milestone weeks that I have going on in my head, but also because Shorty and I have had this magical number in our heads since January… 18+1. As in, 18w 1d.  At 18 weeks, one day, we were told, we will get to go in for an ultrasound and come out knowing the sex of our baby. 18 weeks, one day. Otherwise known as April 27th.

And do you know when that magical, sparkling, shiney date of a day is?!?!?!!


I am soooooooooooo excited I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  I feel like a kid who knows they get to go to Disneyland tomorrow but has to get through the night first.  Nervous and excited and most of all impatient! Come oooooooon, tomorrow.  The appointment is at three o’clock and of course I’ll update ya’ll after.  I do have to work during the day, and I can’t decide if I’m grateful for the distraction or if it’s just going to make the day drag like no other.  Sigh. We shall see.

So stay tuned tomorrow for our bumpdate announcement, and in the meantime, here are the 18 week belly shots.  I was looking back at the other bump shots we’ve taken and even though I’ve felt discouraged lately because I am surrounded by big-bumped women and mine remains small and flabby, in looking at the pictures we’ve taken so far it is very obvious that I have grown.  Not only is the bottom part of my tummy rounder, but the top part is also way more pushed out… I guess I know where all my organs are currently hangin’ out!  So I guess it’s a good thing we’ve been taking these pictures all along, eh? ‘Lest I start feeling like my belly has just always been this way, bigger and rounder, rather than the fact that it has in reality been shaped by the needs of the tiny human growing inside me.  Ah, miracles. 😉

Plus a fully clothed bump picture of me looking what I would actually call "pregnant". 🙂


7 responses to “18 weeks!!! And tomorrow, we’ll know!

  1. This is so gorgeous! I am so excited for tomorrow! The “big reveal” is always so exciting!

  2. Eeeeee!!! So excited for you gals!

  3. 2mommiestobe says:

    Very exciting and I do have to say your belly is cute!

  4. jessie says:

    So exciting! Can’t wait to hear

  5. Heather says:

    the wait is killing me over here!!! Girl or Boy!?!?!?

  6. on the edge of my seat waiting for the news!

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