Raising a Blended Family

17 weeks…

on April 19, 2012

and I would like to offer all the love and congratulations in the world to the ladies over at Small Obsessions on the birth of their baby girl!!! So much joy and happiness going out to your family… 🙂

In pregnancy-land, an updated bump pic below.  I don’t feel like I’m getting any bigger… siiiiigh. Shorty keeps laughing at me but all I want in the world is a proper bump!  The ladies at work both have nice proper bumps and I have to admit, as silly as it is, I am jealous.  Ha ha I know, this makes me officially certifiably crazy. Ah well.

New this week: stretch marks.  On my boobs.  😦  Wasn’t expecting that one, trust me- quite the shock when looking in the mirror!  I’ve been carefully inspecting the belly but the boobs were not even on my radar for being in the danger zone… guess I was wrong!

In happy news, we find out sex a week from tomorrow.  Shorty thinks (read:wants) boy and I feel like it’s a girl and have had dreams it’s a girl.  But who knows.  In any case, the great mystery will be solved in seven days… but don’t ask how I’m going to get through this next week.  The logical part of me knows that no matter what, next Friday will arrive… yet the impatient part of me (in short: me as a whole) thinks it will never get here.  Add to this that my mother called excitedly today because she thought we were finding out tomorrow… this next week is going to feel very long!


3 responses to “17 weeks…

  1. SotOhana says:

    OMG. I cannot wait to hear if its a girl or a boy!
    by the by, I love all the booty you scored at the consignment sale. When you mentioned those tiny mittens it made my heart melt thinking of how cute tiny babies are with those tiny mittens on 🙂

  2. Wow 17 weeks already~!

  3. allison-lee says:

    It will definitely be a suspensful week! I don’t know how some people go until the birth without knowing… I couldn’t do it!

    Your bump is cute. It’s definitely noticeable and growing!

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