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Hearing baby’s heartbeat…

on March 28, 2012

So today, at long last, our home doppler arrived. (It’s a very long story, but it accidentally was shipped to the wrong address (my mother’s) and seeing as how she is the world’s biggest procrastinator… grrrr.  It took a VERY long time to get it back, let’s just say…).

We spent a good 15 minutes trying to find baby with it, during which point I was alternately hopeful about finding the heartbeat and scared out of my mind we wouldn’t! We finally found the baby, still riding low right above my pubic line, and got to hear his/her heart beating away at about 150 bpm… It was the best sound in the whole world!  And, aside from actually knowing baby is okay in there, the other best part was that the kids were there to hear it and the looks on their faces were priceless.  They were completely amazed, and each of their mouths were open in a little surprised “O”.  So fun to watch.  So we sat as a family, listening to the baby’s heartbeat for about 15 seconds, when suddenly, there was only silence and no more baby heartbeat! Stunned, I looked at Shorty… what happened?

She smiled at me and said “He moved, of course”. Ohhhhh right. Baby can move! The thought of our wiggly baby moving and gliding around willfully in there makes my heart so very, very happy. We moved the probe a bit to the left and there he was again, his little heart going strong. I know I will sleep better tonight having heard positive confirmation with my own ears that baby is doing fine. =)

Tomorrow we will be 14 weeks, and on to the second trimester!


5 responses to “Hearing baby’s heartbeat…

  1. X says:

    So cool! What Doppler did you buy?

  2. aw, that is so exciting! i always wanted one of those, but never got one! i imagine it was so reassuring!

  3. prettyisa says:

    How fun to see the kids’ reaction! And yes, they’re squirmy little things–even our midwife sometimes has to hunt it down, which is weird because the kid is taking up MY ENTIRE ABDOMEN, so I don’t know where there is to hide. And now you can hear it anytime you want! 🙂

  4. SotOhana says:

    So sweet ❤

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