Raising a Blended Family

And also… Hey Chicagolanders!

on February 22, 2012

Soooooo…. What are you guys up to this weekend?  And by “you guys,” I specifically mean those of you within driving distance of Indianapolis (Chicagolanders, this would be you!  Sorry, everyone else, but plane tickets are expensive these days.).


I know it’s last minute (though not as last minute as our insemination timing!), but we are unexpectedly kid free this weekend and we feel like hangin’ out! Plus, we feel like Jamba Juice, and the nearest jamba juice is in Chicago.  And since we have no kids to pester the hell out of us distract us on our drive, and since we both like long drives and feel like a mini roadtrip would be a good thing and since, oh yeah, it would be wicked awesome to actually get to meet some of you people… I once again ask…


Whatcha’ doin’ this weekend?



4 responses to “And also… Hey Chicagolanders!

  1. Zunzunbobo says:

    Bummer! We are headed *back* to miami tomorrow for a funeral (and to practice flying with an infant?). Rain check!

  2. aww Sad times! I’m going to be in Indianapolis in July for a youth conference (if all goes as planned). Maybe a meet-up then!

  3. prettyisa says:

    We’re here! Actually, we’re planning to go to the Chicago History Museum on saturday to check out their gay chicago exhibit before it closes. Would you want to come with? Just email and let me know!

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