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Are you there, baby?

on February 15, 2012

It’s me, mommy.  Are you in there?

I hope you are- I suspect you are- I think you’re just very good at hiding.  Half the time, I feel like you’re definitely in there.  Of course you’re in there, where else would you be?  During these more optimistic times, I like to picture you, curled up safe and sound, hard at work developing fingers and toes and whatever other bodily parts you deem necessary to your existence.

Other times, you like to worry mommy.  You like to play hide and seek with us and make mommy’s symptoms come and go.  A touch of reassuring nausea here, only to vanish worringly for the next three days or so.  Complete and utter exhaustion one day, followed by days of more-or-less normal energy levels.  Cramps, on and off.  Kid, you’re already a tease and you’re not even 8 weeks old yet*!

It is worth noting that your Mama has never, for one second doubted your existence.  She really believes in you, kid (not that I don’t), and she has been your Mommy’s rock and solid support- she’s the one who reminds me you really are there during your more tricksey times, and she also speaks to you sternly when you make me cramp too much or exhaust me too much or generally over-use your Mommy.

Speaking of which, kid… the one symptom you like to give me that is almost constant and pretty dependable is that you make me starving, kid.  Allllll the time.  Seriously, you are a food stealer- would it kill you to share every once in awhile?  Remember that cereal I ate this morning?  I promise that bowl was plenty big enough for the both of us, and the yogurt cup too.  You could have shared even a little bit of that with your Mommy, kiddo, but nooooo… instead, you ate it all and I was starving again 10 minutes later.  Clearly, sharing is a skill we need to work on.

Other than that, kid, you and I are getting along splendidly.  I love reading about how you’re growing and how you’re doing.  I love knowing that I’m carrying you around with me wherever I go.  I love when your Mama bends down and leans into my tummy and tells you about her day or tells you to stop hurting your Mommy or just kisses the area over your head, gently.  And as time keeps flying by, I look forward to next Friday when we finally get to peek in at you via ultrasound (for real, this time!).  Can’t wait to see you hopefully dancing around in there!

Until next Friday kid.

PS- I’m about to eat a bowl of neopolitan ice cream with strawberry sauce.  It’s my favorite.  Do you think you could manage to share? Just a little bit? Just this once?


*8 weeks tomorrow.  By the time we have our appointment next week we will be nine weeks.  And we are only two short weeks from double digits! Holy crap, time is flying by!



3 responses to “Are you there, baby?

  1. weddedwife says:

    Dear Baby,

    Sharing is caring. 🙂

  2. X says:

    Yeah, they stay good at hiding for a good long time! 🙂

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