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Moving slightly backwards…

on January 21, 2012

According to fertility friend, my due date is Sept. 27.  This, coupled with getting tickers* that allow me to calculate from date of conception/ovulation instead of LMP, means we’ve actually moved backwards by four days now that we have an accurate count.  We’ve been downgraded from 4w6d to 4w2d.  Sigh.

In other news… the nerves have set in.  You know how I said I saw going to focus on the positives and stay away from the negatives?  Well, we’re still trying to do that…  but the nervousness keeps creeping in. Every time I have a twitch or a cramp that seems particularly strong (side note: cramps are normal, right?!) or if I wake up and my boobs don’t hurt quite as much, or if I scrape the ice off the car or do some other type of physical activity, I’ll end up worrying there’s something wrong and hoping against hope that all is well in there and the littlekins sticks it out.   I know it’s out of my control and what happens will happens… but I hope the kid sticks it out in there! And yes, I know that I basically like every other pregnant woman since the dawn of time, worrying over her baby.  Ah, well.

On the positive side though, I allowed myself to take a stroll through the baby aisle today at the stores while I was out shopping (solo).  If that seems soon to you, remember that Shorty and I were taking strolls through Babies-R-Us loooong before we had even conceived!  So I walked among all the pacifiers and the receiving blankets and baby soaps and cute baby clothes, and I tried to imagine what I would and would not want to get for our child if we do in fact have a baby in 9 months.  Pink frilly-themed or blue sports-themed floor mat? Out.  Fun, colorful animals floormat? In.  I tried to imagine actually *using* those pacifiers and blankets and diaper bags in nine months, and I actually got a little teary eyed when I realized that if all goes well, we really will need them.  Because we really will have a baby.  Sniff sniff, tear tear.  Must’ve been the pregnancy hormones kicking in. =)  For the record, I would like to point out that I have superhuman control or something… I did not buy a single baby item.  I cooed over the onesies and everything else cute and even took a picture of a little lio.n kin.g onesie I found and sent it to Shorty (Lion King=myfavoritedisneymovieEVER)… but I didn’t buy anything baby-related.  Go me!

And finally, in terms of symptoms- all I can say is NO ONE is allowed anywhere near the boobs, for like, ever.  Shorty accidentally smooshed one last night and it hurt so bad I cried.  They’re not any bigger or anything (Sadly, actually looking forward to that part!) but man oh MAN are they tender!!!!!  Yowza.

Anyways, I think that’ll do it for today.  Off to be a stereotypical pregnant woman and indulge in a mid-afternoon nap!  🙂


*Anyone have any advice on how to get those little countdown tickers to work?  I tried to put it in a text widget on the side, but it cut it off. =(  Can’t figure out how to do it right so anyone’s advice is welcome!


5 responses to “Moving slightly backwards…

  1. mummylass says:

    I never got my ticker to work, if you do work it out, please let me know!!
    All your feelings are totally normal. I was in love with my baby from the first faint pink like. I was on ‘knicker watch’ till 12 weeks and now am on ‘movement watch’, I never stop worrying. Xx

  2. Even though it’s no fun now, having your due date pushed back might end up being a good think if you go late.

    Acuna Matata –try not to worry. 😉

  3. Michaela says:

    You have to use the small ticker like they have them here: Choose the left one “mini ticker”
    and then you have to use the HTML code and so on.

    I hope I could help

  4. candice says:

    i am 9 weeks yesterday and i still get cramping. its normal. because everything is starting to stretch and grow inside. at first my boobs hurt so bad, and now not so much. they are so super heavy, but its been so long they have been like that. that i dont even notice it at all. i take a nap everyday. if not im out by 7.

    just take everything in stride. enjoy it

  5. K says:

    Yup, cramping is good and worrying is inevitable. As I think you know, the latter won’t be going away any time soon, by which I mean ever. 😉 Yay for being a normal, pregnant lady!!

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