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Chart at 7 DPO.

on January 12, 2012

…no idea what it means, but glad my temps are still high at least. I manually adjusted FF to show that I ovulated on the 5th, as I think I did, rather than on the 4th as FF said… this pissed it off and gave me blue crosshairs instead of red, and also caused a few now-resolved glitches in my chart.  Passive aggressive much, FF?


Still feeling vague cramping, have sore boobs, and am sleepy (though the sleepy I blame on the grey, cold, snowy weather outside… winter has finally arrived and as far as I’m concerned it can go back to wherever it was hiding and stay there!).   I’ve been hungrier too, though I don’t think that’s a pregnancy-specific sign, as I am generally hungrier the week before AF.  So in conclusion- still waiting to see!

In other news, we also got our new washer in today!!!  It’s all installed and everything, and I am much relieved since there was a very real concern that it might not fit through the basement doors into the laundry room (which used to be an old coal room, that’s how old our house is).  But it did, and I am now making slow-but-steady progress on all the laundry we’ve got that’s built up since the old one mostly broke.  I have discovered that this washing machine SINGS at you when you push buttons, when it’s midway through the cycle, and when it’s done. Who knew?  YAY for a shiney new singing washing machine! And yay for clean clothes (washed more than two-towel loads at a time).



3 responses to “Chart at 7 DPO.

  1. Michaela says:

    Wow, this chart looks perfect. I sooo hope that this means you are pregnant. *fingers are crossed*

  2. ohh la la! lookin good!

  3. mummylass says:

    That looks VERY like my BFP with Charlie!

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