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Regression, Organization, and Heavy Appliance Shopping at 6 DPO.

on January 10, 2012

…or 5 DPO, depending on if you ask me or fertility friend.  We’re spatting about it at the moment (she says 6, I say 5).

Anywhoo.  So, the obvious stuff first: TWW 2.0.  It’s…. going, is about all I can say for it.  I’ve had these weird cramp type things every day since Oday- wondering if this is a side effect of the Clo.mid?  They’re AF-like, but very mild, and sometimes they’re more pressure + bloating than actual cramps.  Always either centered on the uterus or off to one side (right, mostly).  Anyone? Insight?  Anyways, that’s about it.  I could say I’ve been mroe tired than usual, but really, who’s to say what’s “usual”?  I took naps both on Saturday and Sunday… but so did Shorty.  So either we’re both pregnant (HA) or my tiredness is not a symptom of anything except needing more sleep.  LOL.

In other news… we got Bubby back last Friday.  Over the last part of the holidays, he went to stay with his mom because she just “couldn’t live without seeing him” or some bullshit like that (insert eyeroll here- she can go two months without seeing him and then suddenly HAS to have him RIGHT then?  whatever lady.).  So anyways, we knew it was risky, letting him go see her because we knew there was the possibility she wouldn’t bring him back.  Sure enough, the day before she was due to return him, Shorty got a text: “You don’t really want him back, right?”  (insert ANOTHER eyeroll here and possibly some cursing).  Shorty responded immediately and emphatically that YES, we DID want him back and we waited on baited breath to see if she would pull through the next day and return him.  She did, and now he is home again, but with residual behavioral issues that are very reminiscent of when we first had him come stay with us.  He doesn’t listen, he hits other kids at the babysitters’ (before he left to go visit him mom, the babysitter was always gushing that he was such a good kid…), he plays power struggle games (mostly with food and pajamas and… okay, everything) with Shorty and I… he’s just a lot more difficult to manage.  But both Shorty and I really think that he’s settling back into his groove here, testing the waters if you will, to see what happens.  He stayed a week in a house with no rules, no bedtime, and a mom who basically gives in to everything and does everything for him… and a week is an eternity in three-year-old years.  So I think it’ll just take some time.  Think, hope, pray fervently… that it’ll just take some time.  But not much more time.  Please.

Speaking of the kids though, we have been meaning and meaning and MEANING to switch and reorganize their rooms for what seems like forever now.  They ended up getting a lot of “room stuff” for Christ.mas (bedsets, a hello kitty alarm clock, wall decals, etc) and we decided it was finally time.  We went out and bought a bunch of organizational stuff (that’s the crappy part about living in these old houses like we do… all the charm and none of the closet space) and spent a weekend getting it done.  And they are! Made my organizational soul happy. I wish I had before pictures to show you guys, but suffice it to say… it wasn’t pretty.  Their rooms were both pigstyes.  Now at least they can be organized pigstyes!  So here they are, cars themed and Hello Kitty themed, respectively (and I’d like to pause here and insert a wistful sigh on the topicsof how I know how genderized this whole set up is, but it’s what the kids like, but I wish they were more… neutral. Or would accept neutral or traditionally gender-opposite playtoys.  But they won’t and I digress.)

Thing One's new room. (the bed still needs repainting, but that's an outdoors spring project).

Another shot of Thing One's room, with the (giant) dollhouse she got from Santa.

Bubby's room. That boy is obssessed with Lightning McQueen! The kitchen was a gift to both of them from my mom over Christmas, and he plays with it just as much as T1 so it's in his room... plus there just wasn't any room in T1's!

Bubby's closet. This closet make my organizational soul sing... when it looks like this, anyways. It has gotten messier since this picture, but not toooo bad- the bins definitely help!

So those are the kids’ rooms.  Can you believe we also have an un-put together, unopened train table sitting in our room upstairs that was somehow supposed to fit into one of their rooms?  So not gonna happen.  I have a feeling the train table will become a permanent living room fixture, when we finally get around to bringing it out (probably for Bubby’s bday in May).  For now… we’re satisfied with a job well done!

Finally, tonight Shorty and I (and sadly the kids, because the neighbor was busy and couldn’t watch them for us for an hour like we’d thought) went to Lowe’s and picked out a new washing machine tonight.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it on here, but our old one basically crapped out on us over Christmas.  It will still wash loads, but very very small loads- as in, three-or-four-towels-at-a-time-tops-or-it-won’t-spin size loads.  Holy water, energy, time, and everything else inefficient!  Needless to say, laundry has been backing up, only the essentials have been getting washed, and we finally called it quits and started looking into new washers about a week or so ago, and went to Lowe’s tonight and bought, paid for, and scheduled her delivery (Thursday afternoon- so excited!!!).  Everyone, meet My Precious.  My Precious, meet everyone!

My Precious.

She’s a Samsung HE, energy star and water efficient washer that got top ratings from the consumer board and also got rave reviews online… and did I mention she’s preeeetttyyyy???  All shiny and new… not that it matters, as when we get her, we are promptly sticking her in the basement next to our old frumpy dryer.  But still.  She’s pretty and she’s new and she’s got a five year warranty.  Booya.  I can’t wait to load her up and take her for a spin- literally!

So anyways, that’s what’s been going on in the Shorty-Amazon household.  Sorry for the incredibly long update, I’ll try to pop in here more often!


2 responses to “Regression, Organization, and Heavy Appliance Shopping at 6 DPO.

  1. Shmancy! I like the new washer! And I like the kids’ rooms–they look great, and you have to give them what they like, not what they ‘should’ like, you know? Besides, a huge play kitchen in a little boy’s room is pretty edgy for most of the world. Hoping you get a birthday BFP!

  2. X says:

    Jealous of that washer! For what it’s worth, I had achy feelings before our BFP so I’ve got super fingers crossed!

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