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Here we are waiting again.

on January 5, 2012

Yep.  Day one, TWW.

The insem went well.  We drove up to Chicago and didn’t get there until after 10pm because we went to a different hotel than last time and we got lost on the twisty turny freeways/tollroads. (Side note: how the HELL do you Chicago-dwellers navigate that place?  Driving in and around downtown Chicago made me want to curl up in a ball on the floor of my car and pray.  I felt like death was imminent every two seconds!  Terrifying.).  However, in spite of our short notice (we texted the donor as soon as we got the positive OPK, so approximately half a days’ advance notice) and late arrival, the donor communicated with us promptly, came to meet us as soon as we texted him that we were there, and was perfectly gracious and wished us luck profusely- with no mention of the hour whatsoever.  Have I mentioned how much we love him and that he’s awesome?

So the donor left, we did the insem, went to sleep for approximately three or four hours, and then had to get up and come straight back home again super early because Shorty had to work at 8 this morning and this happened to be the one morning all week she couldn’t call in (mandatory training.  Ain’t that the way.).  So needless to say…  HOLY exhausting.  We both dragged our feet through the work day, came home and gratefully collapsed on the couch.    As tiring as it was, I would (and will) do it all over again if this try doesn’t work.  Hopefully this try works though!

Which brings me to my next point, which is that I have felt bloated/pressure all day today in my abdomen/uterus area.  I know it’s waaaaay too early to feel anything pregnancy-related that there may be to feel, so I’m wondering if maybe the bloat and pressure were related to ovulation?  It’s pretty abnormal for me to have those particular symptoms (then again, it’s pretty abnormal for me to ovulate regulalry, period) so I guess I’m just wondering.  If it was related to ovulation, then our timing last night was basically perfect.  Only time will tell.

This cycle, unlike previous tries, I am determined to wait it out to at least Day 12 or 13.  That translates to January 17 or thereabouts.  This is a pretty high standard to set for myself, since I am (in)famous among my circle of friends and family for being pretty much unable to wait long for anything.  However, for some reason, this cycle just feels so much more real to me, and I find myself not wanting to test too early for fear of BFNs and dashed hopes.  Don’t get me wrong, I know a BFN is a possibility… but I’m really hoping not, taking this try seriously, and trying to be patient.

Only time will tell… my new mantra for the next two weeks.


4 responses to “Here we are waiting again.

  1. you can do this! I’m cheering you on baby!

  2. candice says:

    Good luck on this cycle!! its yours!

  3. I can’t believe you drove all the way home again after only four hours. 😦 But hopefully this is it! I had forgotten that you were using a KD and was trying to figure out what kind of awesome fertility doctor you were seeing that they’d still be up at 11pm. Makes much more sense now! Fingers are crossed!

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