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Six Geese A-Laying (aka LOOKEE what WE got!)

on December 19, 2011

On the topic of GIFTS…. What a perfect prompt for today!

I came home today to not, one but TWO packages in the mail, both from unfamiliar addresses!  My wife, who had been waiting impatiently for me to get home from work, immediately announced “Let’s open them!”, and so we did.

The first one contained our holiday craft exchange presents from the wonderful Olive and Fern.  When we opened the box, the first thing we saw were these adorable satchets filled with something that smells YUMMY- can’t figure out what, lol!  They are sooooo cute:

After sitting and sniffing for a good while (we won’t say how long, it’s embarassing), we remembered to look in the box again and found this:

Which had, inside it, this adorable little collection of ornaments:

Aren’t they cute???? I can’t even imagine how to pull off those snowflakes!  In any case, they’re wonderful and we love them.  Thank you, Olive and Fern, for the great gifts!!!

After we admired Olive and Fern’s gifts, we moved on to the other package.  What could it be?, we wondered.  Turns out, it was a care package of sorts from this lovely lady, which had a little bit of info in it regarding fertility meds, some Clo.mid, and, best of all, a tin of assorted homemade holiday cookies!!!

Believe you me, I have already scarfed one or two of them and they are deeeeelicious!  Nothin better than getting yummy delicious homebaked treats in the mail.  Thank you thank you and thank you (my tummy says thank you too)! 🙂

Today was a great day for surprise gifts in the mail- definitely a good way to end the night!


2 responses to “Six Geese A-Laying (aka LOOKEE what WE got!)

  1. I’m glad it arrived quickly! I hate when cookies take forever to arrive, I always think that they’re getting too soft or falling apart. lol.

  2. what a fun day at your mailbox! 🙂
    the satchets and ornaments are awesome.

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