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Here we go again.

on December 18, 2011

I’ll post a longer post on today’s blog topic tonight when  I’m at home, but for now I just wanted to drop in a quick line at work to say that today, at long last, 77 days later…. is CD1.

This will be our first clomid cycle, and the funny thing is, we’re not even sure we’ll be inseminating*.  But we will be temping and using OPKs and doing a trial run at the very least.  Next cycle WILL be the real deal.

And also?  I’m calling the RE to make an appointment this week.  Go big or go home, right?  I’m hoping to get an appointment in before the next cycle starts so that we can be monitored and (hopefully) get the trigger shot as well as just taking the Clomid.  But we’ll see!

In any case…. here we go.


*(It all depends on when we get the +OPK, in terms of work schedule, whether or not family is still here, etc.  It basically came down to a choice to take Clomid starting this cycle, knowing we might not be able to insem, or not take Clomid, have another really loooooong cycle, and have to wait until March to start trying again).


3 responses to “Here we go again.

  1. fingers tightly crossed for you!

  2. I did a non-inseminating Clomid cycle once. They just wanted to see how I’d react to it. Obviously, I react well but just not in the get pregnant kind of well. lol. I’m inseminating Tues, Thurs and Saturday this week minus the Clomid.

    Tons of luck with the RE!

  3. Good luck! And thank goodness for CD1–I hope the timing lines up for this time, but even if you don’t get an insem, I hope the clomid helps regulate things!

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