Raising a Blended Family

Five Golden Rings….

on December 18, 2011

Allow me to take this post themed on holiday baubles and pretties to show you some of my very favorite decorations!  We are still in the gathering stages of our decoration collection, and we generally pick up one to two things a year.  My goal is to have as many as my mother has- her house is basically Christmas central, and growing up, it made it all the more magical to be surrounded by all things Christmas (in a classy way, not a tacky way).  Although our collection thus far nowhere near rivals hers, here are some of my favorite ones we have so far:

This is my second favorite ornament (it was my favorite until last year). It belonged to my great grandmother, then my grandmother, my mother, and finally me. I have always loved clipping it on to the highest branches of the tree as soon as I come across it in its box, and someday, I will pass it on to T1.


This one replaced the bird nest one as my favorite the seoncd Shorty gave it to me last year. I saw it in a store and fell in love with it, but had no idea Shorty had sneaked back to get it for me! She's one of the Willow Tree line of carved figurines, called "Happiness"


This is the ornament Shorty and I bought together at Disneyland, after our first trip there together.


Thing One made this in kindergarten last year... one of the first ornaments she ever brought home and the last one left standing after all the others have been destroyed, lol.


This is the stocking I have had since I was a little girl. As of right now, Shorty's stocking is a football themed one (ugh), Thing One's is a princess one, and Bubby's is a plain red one, but we bought some needlepoint stocking kits and are working on making it so that we all have a matching family of needlepoint stockings.


What's not to love about Kermit the Frog? This was given to me one year by my mother as the yearly ornament I get every year from her.


The jingle bell wreath hanging on our door. I love the sound it makes as we enter or leave or invite guests in. Makes everything so much cheerier. =)


This was the first Willow Tree carving I ever recieved (for my 14th? birthday, from a grandmother). Unfortunately, it got knocked down one year by either the kids or the cats (it's always one or the other, isn't it?) and now is missing a hand. Sigh. But I still love her.... this one is called "peace", and to me she represents the hope for the future that goes along with this season.


This one we just got this year- it was so cute, we couldn't pass it up!


Okay, I showed you mine… now show me yours! 😉



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