Raising a Blended Family

Four Calling Birds

on December 17, 2011

AKA Christmas Cards!

I know I’m posting back to back, but I have to go to work today and don’t get out until 7:30, which leads me to…

The fact that in spite of all my good intentions, nary a Christmas card has left our house this season (minus the one I sent with our offering for the craft exchange).   I know, I’m horrible, especially since there’s a lot of family on the west coast that we normally see at Christmas that we won’t be seeing this year, and also since there’s a lot of people who came to our wedding who we’d like to keep in touch with.  However, I’m thinking that since Saturdays are generally pretty slow at work, I’m bringing some cards with me in the hopes that maybe? perhaps?  it’s possible?  today can be the day I finally get some of them filled out.  Guess we’ll see, huh!

Happy Saturday to one and all!



One response to “Four Calling Birds

  1. Good luck! This is why I like photo cards–you don’t even really have to sign them. Just pop them in the mail and be done with it.

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