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Renewed hope

on December 8, 2011

This post is titled “Renewed Hope” because that’s what I have after my OB appointment today. Renewed hope.

It went really great, the doctors both sat and talked with me and listened and really tried to figure out what was going on.   I originally had an appointment with the resident, but after talking with me for about 5 minutes she went and got her attending and he stayed for the rest of the appointment.  We talked about my strange loooong cycles, the weird midcycle spotting, and fears that I wasn’t ovulating.  I was given a pregnancy test (sadly still negative, lol) just to cover all our bases, and then we sat and talked for a long time (and I do mean a long time… the appointment was an hour and fifty minutes long!)

Basically, the attending is of the opinion that I *am* ovulating- have to be, in fact, in order to be getting any periods at all.  What he thinks is that I’m ovulating irregularly, and therefore my follicular phase is long and variable, therefore making my periods long and variable.  He also said that I’m probably ovulating much later in my cycle than we thought- think day 40 or so!- and therefore we were (obviously) missing it with the OPKs and and Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor.  This makes a lot of sense to me, for a couple of reasons:

1)  Never getting a really clear positive on the OPKs.  Never had a smiley (except back in April), and those wondfos- well, they’re hard to interpret.  But we’ve only been testing up to CD24 or so!  If I’ve been ovulating later than that, we’ve totally been missing it, and the non-positives make sense.

2) Um, remember four days ago when I posted about random EWCM?  It totally makes sense now that apparently that could have been me, ovulating… at CD 64!  Wowsa.

Now, before you ask, no, we’re still not sure why my cycles went rogue in the first place.  There were a few possibilities thrown around, including weight issues (they seemed to be leaning towards this one- a naturally athletic person, I have always been a good weight, but over the past year I have gained a bit and am much ashamed.  Working on it).  They also ran some labs to check thyroid and prolactin (both normal, I looked them up myself at work lol).

But even in spite of this unknown cause, the appointment was still great. And the BEST part?

I left there with a referral to the RE (I need one with my insurance, or so I’m told) AND a prescription for Clomid*.  That’s right people, bring on the fertility drugs!  I am insanely excited about this- about the possibility of ovulating normally, at being able to try again, just about feeling validated in my fears about infertility and given something that could help.  Also, I am so so sooooo glad I have gotten to read all of your blogs, otherwise I would have had no idea what Clomid is or how this process works!  LOL.  She said to start taking it 5 days after my period starts, but depending on the timing, we might sit this cycle out and start next cycle.  The reason for that is if I were to, say, start my period tomorrow and then start Clomid on day 5 as prescribed, I would probably end up ovulating when my parents are here sometime around Christmas.  Not great timing for a trip up to Chicago to do an insemination!  Now, if my period would just hold off for another week, that would be a different story.  By the time I ovulated the ‘rents would be out of town and we would be clear of the Christmas Craziness.  I guess we’ll see.

So that’s where we stand right now.  I’ve got that prescription and it feels like an official go-ahead nod to try to make this baby!  I told them all our plans, our attempts, etc and now I feel reassured that this is do-able and we can make this work.  Also, when I was leaving, I had to make a 3 month follow up appointment, and my resident was there at the window.  As I made the appointment, she mentioned that she’d be surprised if I’m not pregnant at my three month appointment!  I told her I really hoped so.

*Also, my insurance doesn’t cover infertility (:(), so the doctor somehow finangled it so that it will go through as an OB prescription, rather than an infertility one, and I won’t have to pay out the whooha for it!  Can we say awesome?


5 responses to “Renewed hope

  1. If you need Clomid, I can mail you some! email me and we’ll chat: loveshackbabywp@yahoo.com

  2. Nina says:

    I am so glad you had almost 2 hours with the doctors to help find some answers and clarity to your cycle. Woot woot to free drugs! And most importantly, so glad you have the reassurance needed through this challenging and exciting road.

  3. A :) says:

    That’s great news! Congrats 🙂

  4. isa says:

    great, great news! I hope the clomid helps–it sounds like it will!

  5. candice says:

    thats great. its always liberating to finally understand whats going on, and now you can move forward with what to do next! good luck!

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