Raising a Blended Family

Ups and Downs…

on November 29, 2011

Well, I tried to post earlier but for some reason it never posted and it deleted the draft all together.  Weird.  In any case, I wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support and kind thoughts.  Having a sick kid sucks and that 104+ fever was definitely scary, but having a community of other moms to turn to for support and reassurance is invaluable to me- thank you all.

It turns out Thing One has some sort of viral chest/respiratory infection and it is kicking.her.little.butt.  Poor thing- today is day 3 of being sick and it seems like for every step she takes towards recovery, two steps backwards inevitably follow.  For instance, we were hopeful because her fever was not quite as high today- 100ish range, with medicine, totally manageable and unscary- but then it shot back up to 102-103 range an hour or so ago.  Sigh.  Thing One is exhausted, even though all she does is sleep, and dehydrated, mostly because she would rather sleep than eat or drink anything.  Last night, I bribed her with a candy cane in order to get her to drink a cupful of the broth from the beef stew I made (it worked, yay for small victories) and throughout the day we’ve been doing similar things (along with help from the babysitter, since neither Shorty nor I could take more time off work today) in order to get the little sickie to eat.  Poor baby.

We also spent last night in repeated rounds of wake up/ barf everywhere/ get cleaned up/ fall back asleep.  That was not fun for anyone to experience, and the barfing honestly puzzles me a bit because this isn’t a stomach bug, it’s a respiratory thing.  Maybe it was her body’s reaction to her fever being high again (hovering in the high 103’s at the time)? I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever seen her look or be this sick before- it sucks knowing there’s basically nothing we can do for her and that her body has to kick this infection’s ass all on its own.  I hope it starts winning, stat.

Other than Thing One’s sickness, well… there’s not much going on, besides trying to corral the three year old at the same time we’re trying to care for the six year old.  What three-year-old, you say?  Well, funny you should ask.  I posted this post a few days ago, or thought I did, but wordpress ate/didn’t post that one as well and I only just now realized it.  Um, it’s a little bit of a bombshell- albeit a cute, wriggling, laughing, giggling bombshell.

[Also, just wanted to add a comment about the irony of Thing One’s timing (or really, all kid’s timing when they get sick, because it’s never at a convenient time, is it?)… As Shorty so eloquently put it, “of course the kid has to wait until the day after a four day holiday weekend and the first day of my promotion at work to be on her deathbed”.  Ah, timing. Made me giggle anyways.]

[another aside… we just went in and checked on TO… fever down, tonsils HUGE??? Like, ginormous.  Ugh.]


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