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2 DPO and…

on October 25, 2011

Well, it’s 2DPO and there’s basically… not much to report!  We are hopingwishingpraying, of course, that there is a little baby inside me making its way down my fallopian tubes and into my uterus, but as for actual proof of this event? Scant to nonexistent.

One hard fact that I do take comfort in and which makes me think that our insem timing really was perfect is that we took another look at Ye Olde Cervix again last night (No speculum-shooting this time ;)). So anyways, the first time we looked at it, Friday night, it was wide open- big ol round open cervix.  And then Saturday when we looked at it, it was even more wide open and we went ahead and did our insems that night and Sunday morning.  Yesterday, though, when we looked at it? It was closed.  Completely closed, not open for business, boarded up for the winter… or for the long haul of a pregnancy maybe?!  Hopefully???  Anyways, the closing of the cervix, more than anything (even more than our positive OPK Saturday night), makes me think our timing was great.  Time will tell.

The only other real “symptom” I have found is (tmi), a lot of CM… not EW anymore, more cloudy, but still tons of it.  I don’t remember there being this much in previous cycles after a positive OPK, though of course, it is entirely possible that I’m just not remembering.  Again, time will tell.

….of course, to help time along, Dr. Google is turning up many many many treasure troves of other women’s symptoms, message boards, and this lovely little obssession mechanism dohickey.  If this doesn’t work, in later cycles I might focus more on trying not to obssess about this whole possibly-pregnant thing… but I figure, this is the first cycle with my body.  The first time, EVER, that I could possibly even be pregnant (and yes folks, that would mean I’m a gold star lesbian!).  This is a time of hope and joy and love and I’m totally going to just let myself go with it.  Let myself live in the moment and the joy and the hope.  We will see what happens.

And finally, speaking of joy, tomorrow is mine and Shorty’s dating anniversary.  We haven’t figured out if we’re going to celebrate tomorrow or this weekend or what (I know, how lame are we?!) but I still think it is worth mentioning.  I love you wife, happy dating anniversary! Here’s hoping there’s a baby in there to share this anniversary.

5 responses to “2 DPO and…

  1. careerwoman says:

    Lurker here who reads often, but happy dating anniversary to you both and I’m sending tons of good vibes that there’s a baby being housed in that “closed for business” cervix of yours. 😉

  2. X says:

    Happy dating anniversary! I know the feeling about it being your first shot at being pregnant (gold stars ftw!). Hope the next two weeks fly by and lead to awesomeness!

  3. candice says:

    happy anni… !!

    and dont you just love/hate dr google ?

  4. Nina says:

    oh man, i am delighted/hating the link you shared for the dpo symptom comparisons. I know found my new obsession for the tww!
    best of luck!

  5. Happy dating anniversary! (PB and I celebrate ours, too. And our wedding anniversary, and our Canadian wedding anniversary, and our Registered Domestic Partnership anniversary. Because we’re that thorough, and we enjoy an excuse to have a treat and make mushy eyes at each other.) And good luck with the TWW. (Both with the result, and with staying reasonably sane while you wait… 😉 )

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