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TWW Day 1

on October 23, 2011

Well, we’re home from our insemination road trip and into the first day of the TWW.  We did one insem last night and one this morning.  We also met the donor, of course!

He’s a really great guy.  Really nice, soft-spoken, just wants to help.  He’s a pediatric doctor- how cool is that?  He’s also from Europe, and has an awesome accent… too bad accents aren’t genetic!  He came to meet us at the hotel last night and we talked in the lobby.  We wanted to go get the contracts done that night but it was after nine- no notaries were open!  Details, details.  So we went ahead and did an insem that night (we waited in the lobby giggling like two-year-olds while the desk lady gave us strange looks- probably wondering what the hell was going on) and then he came back down and left and we went upstairs and insemmed.  Afterwards, we laid around (me with hips raised) watching Grey’s Anatomy on the computer (so glad we remembered to bring that!) and fell asleep snuggling and thinking about future baby.  This morning we woke up and met KD at the notary, and got everything all squared away with the contract and everything.  Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and did another insem, went and got lunch, and went to walk along the lakeshore for a bit.  (PS, we also got v-e-r-y lost along the way- I have no idea how you Chicagolanders get around, even with the GPS we were turned around more than once.  I also got very mad when I had to pay sixty cents just to cross a damn toll bridge to get home!).

So that was that.  The whole way home, I caught Shorty giving me sidelong glances and I’d look at her and ask if she was imagining me pregnant- of course she was.  Also, she informed me when we got home that it is my turn to take out the cat litter- no can do, sorry!  🙂

So hopefully this will work!  We feel pretty good about the timing- positive OPK last night, some EWCM, and slight twingy possible-ovulation-possible-nothing cramps on one side of my pelvis this morning?  So yeah. Let it work let it work let it work.
This may be the longest two weeks of my life.  The crazy thing is, we’ll be finding out right around Shorty’s birthday (Nov. 4th).  How cool of a bday present would a BFP be?!?!

/end rambling.


5 responses to “TWW Day 1

  1. Michaela says:

    Uh, love the process!!! Now you “only” have to keep your nerves and wait two weeks.

  2. The lake is always east 🙂
    Glad it went so well! If you have to come back to Chicago (you won’t) let us know – maybe we could get coffee or something!

  3. isassmallobsessions says:

    Awww..glad it all worked out! And yes, coffee with Chicagoans if you happen back through (maybe a quickie anniversary-of-conception trip?)!

  4. candice says:

    good luck!!! positive thoughts sending your way!

  5. Nina says:

    Hi i am coming in a late to the conversation but we are also TTCing and contemplated the free donor registry. Very cool, we were a little freaked out by the messages we received and we had already ordered sperm so we didn’t pursue further. I have often wondered about the donors-FANTASTIC how your donor is working out.

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