Raising a Blended Family


on October 19, 2011

So today, while attempting to avoid bedtime, T1 turned to Shorty and slyly asked…


“Mama… where’s the baby going to sleep???”


Shorty looked at me.  I looked at Shorty.  T1 hasn’t mentioned her “wittle brudder” in such a long time… we had no idea she had any inkling of our plans.  Clearly, we were mistaken.

Later on, I was talking to Shorty about my work day and I mentioned timing my lunch so that I would have time to pee on a stick…  and out of nowhere, T1 appears and says, quizically…. “you peed on a stick?”

It would have been funny except now I’m worried she’ll repeat it to someone else! Guess we’ll have to start watching our words better- I know that for me at least, I tend to forget that she’s out of the everything-goes-over-her-head stage and on to the parroting-everything-you-say stage.  Gaea help us.  LOL.


Ps.  Yep.  Waiting.  Still waiting.  Smiley can come any damn day now, thank you very much!  =)


4 responses to “Overheard:

  1. Goodness! You really need to watch what you say now, don’t you?

    P.S. As a kindergarten teacher I’m pretty confident I hear a lot of things parents never intended to be shared. 🙂

  2. Oh man….. we are in for it when Yogi gets to that stage! Yikes. 🙂

  3. candice says:

    kids are so smart arent they ? and they remember EVERYTHING! (im an educator in a daycare 18 months group.)

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