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Pretty damn good day.

on October 17, 2011

Well. Work was fine and good (first day=hospital orientation, nothing specific to my job).  I would have been content just to have had a good day at work, been able to get a parking spot in the lot, etc, but, as T1 would say*… YEAH but LOOK what else happened today:



That’s right. First high day on the monitor this cycle**.  YAY!  Donor has been notified.  Now we just have to wait for the high/peak fertility stars to align with the positive OPK stars and insem day will be here.  Ovulation=soon!!!!!!


Great day.


*This is a reference to a hilarious story oft retold by T1’s amused mamas:  T1 has never, ever met a carnival she didn’t like.  You know- those rickety, shaky, look-like-they’ll-fall-down-at-any-second fold-em-up-and-hit-the-road carnivals?  She LOVES them.  LOVES them- and as soon as she spots one set up in a parking lot, a mall, a grassy field, wherever- begging ensues.  the pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease-mom-can’t-stop-to-take-a-breath kind of begging.  So one day, while getting off the freeway, Shorty and I spotted a carnival ahead.  Crap.  Thinking quickly, I sought to engage T1 in a conversation that involved looking at things in the opposite direction.  As I was enthusiastically pointing out cars, butterflies, anything that might hold her attention- she stops me and goes YEAH but LOOK.  I turn around, and there she is, completely ignoring my efforts to distract her, staring in rapture at the carnival scene.  Sigh.  A lesson in futility- but a funny lesson it was.

** Have I mentioned that due to the way my training is scheduled and a lack of forethought on my part when setting the testing window, I have to take my monitor in to work with me each morning, excuse myself to the restroom, and then carry monitor+pee stick around with me in my purse while the monitor does its analysis, until I have a chance to check it?  Pretty amusing sitting in training knowing I have a pee stick in my purse being analyzed.


3 responses to “Pretty damn good day.

  1. Woohoo! Cycle buddies 🙂

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