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Back to the daily grind.

on October 16, 2011

…yep. As of tomorrow, I’m back to work and starting my new job!

I’m excited, nervous, and yes- slightly bummed to be torn away from lounging around with my wife and watching grey’s anatomy all day while the kid’s at school! 🙂 Mostly I’m excited though. For my training period, I’m going to have a slightly different schedule than my normal shift will be: 7:30am-4pm for training vs. 10am-6:30pm for my normal shift. This slight schedule change will have the result that on days Shorty has to work, T1 has to go to the babysitter’s in the morning before school and then take the bus from there to school (bus comes at 8am). Poor kid’s gonna be at the babysitter’s both before and after school on days both Shorty and I work- thank goodness it’s only for a month or so. Then again, she LOVES her babysitter’s so it won’t be too much of a torture for her.

Anyways. Back to how I’m feeling for a moment- there is a part of me that can’t believe I’m not going back to the lab and the Ph.D. program, but only a small part. And 100% of me is glad of that fact- zero regrets about leaving. Shorty says that in the month I’ve been out of the program, I’ve changed a lot.  I see it too.   I have more energy.  No more insomnia (though I’ve always been a night owl, and always will be).  I have a sex drive again, people! (Shorty is very relieved). Oh, and I don’t wake up dreading work every day (although I’m not looking forward to a 6am wake-up tomorrow!).  In short, the depression I was feeling, that I am only now able to admit existed- is gone.  Gone, gone, gone, and I am turning over a new leaf.  Thank goodness.

Here’s to new leaves and new beginnings!  And also, here’s to the hope of a smiley face in the next week or so!


2 responses to “Back to the daily grind.

  1. Good luck! I am so glad you’re feeling better too. Come on smiley! 🙂

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