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Digging up more details…

on September 17, 2011

I’m the kind of person who, when I get worried or curious about something or when it catches my interest, I won’t let that kind of thing go until I’ve found as much information and as many answers as possible.  So after (and before) posting my last post, I have been digging and digging and digging and digging for answers and information regarding my possible fertility.

I happened to remember that for awhile there, I was keeping track of my start/end dates on my period in Goog. calendar… so I went and looked and this is what I found:

# Cycle Days          Dates

31 days                    Nov 3- Dec 3 2010

33 days                    Dec 4-Jan 5 2011

34 days                    Jan 6- Feb 8 2011

37 days                    Feb 9-Mar 17 2011

26 days                    Mar 18- April 12 2011

~69 days                 April 13-June 20 2011 (exact date iffy, sometime the week of the 20th cycle ended)

~46 days                 June 21-Aug 5 2011 (exact date iffy, sometime the week of the June 20th cycle began)

Aug 5- Sept_          Ongoing

Yeah, anyone notice anything strange?  Specifically, the fact that my last three cycles have been craaaazy long?  The April-June one I had previously documented and attributed to the stress of wedding planning and called it a fluke- now, I’m not so sure.  Suddenly, I seem to be in a pattern of extra-long cycles (with documentation to back me up now!) and it’s definitely worrying me.  I’ve always had slightly-varying cycles… but not this long.

So naturally, I’ve also been looking at lots of options in order to be screened for any potential problems.  Many of you mentioned going to a regular doctor to get bloodwork done- would love to and probably will as soon as my insurance kicks in. There’s also this option though, an FSH and Estradiol D3 blood test offered by an RE near us, that might work just to get us started… and at only $99 (plus a few tacked-on consult fees, I’m assuming) it’s affordable even without insurance coverage. Obviously I wouldn’t need the male part of the testing, but I’m wondering if the female part of it might provide good information- enough information, say, to know if it’s even worth ordering a few vials of sperm shipped here the next time I ovulate?  Or just wait and see a PCP to have these tests run?  So once again I must ask the opinions of those who know more about this than I do- whatcha think??? And also, for now I have to resist my own nature to continue googling the hell out of this issue and just have to leave it alone for now, as hard as it is for me, because my priority is finishing this EMT class, and THEN I will have time to do all the Dr. Googling I want to do.  But in the meantime- please feel free to chime in with opinions about whether or not that testing might or might not be a ripoff!

One response to “Digging up more details…

  1. Isa says:

    well, I think it depends on when you expect your insurance to come in and when you expect to start trying to get pregnant. If you’re ready to try this next cycle, go to the RE. If you’re waiting a few months and your insurance will be ready before then, I’d wait. Because $99 isn’t that much, but it’s more than $20, and if they do turn up any issues (I hope they don’t!) you might be even more frustrated not being able to afford to do anything about it, you know?

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