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Pinned down/Up in the Air

on September 16, 2011

We interrupt the EMT-studying to bring you news about, well… lots of things!

I guess one of the most important would be to say- I GOT THE JOB I INTERVIEWED FOR!!!  They called me yesterday to offer a full-time day shift position with full benefits, but, as I was in class, the official “I-accept-your-offer” discussion didn’t happen until this morning on my drive in to class.  I start the 17th, which is kinda perfect- I should be done with my EMT stuff by the 24 (class) and take my final EMT test the 27th, and then I’ll have about two weeks of vacation time before jumping right in to this job.  It’s such a relief to know I have employment- dropping the Ph.D. program was a huge risk, job-wise and money-wise, and so not having to go through a prolonged period of time in which I am searching for a job while Shorty supports us all is a huge relief to all of us and makes me feel like the decision I made is already paying off.

In the two weeks between the EMT program ending and this job beginning, I’ll also be looking for places to volunteer on a part time basis as an EMT.  I’ll make more money at this job than I ever would as an EMT, but I still want (and need, for PA school) to be an EMT so part-time volunteer work is the way to go it seems.  I’m hoping to find a place that will let me work every other weekend or so- I need to do more sleuth work.

Another thing this job does is put us on even more solid footing for TTC.  Although we have had a few rough patches/freak outs about planning for baby and parenting and such (I am going to try to get Shorty to post more about this on here, as I think this issue really needs her perspective) we remain committed to TTC.  I’m still hoping for that before-Christmas baby, but frankly, it’s not looking likely.

One thing I am pretty worried about, that I’ve never really admitted to you or anyone, is my ability to get pregnant at all.  I have always assumed that with my great big baby-birthin hips that Mother Gaea saw fit to give me, along with my relatively young age and general healthfulness, that I am a mean lean not-so-lean-as-of-late baby-makin-machine…after all, that’s the way it’s supposed to work, right?  However, some recent 40+ day cycles (day 45 here people, second 40+ day’er in a row), plus distant unpleasant memories from this chart and even more very distant memories of the horrible cramps I used to have, before I went on (and came off) the Nuva Ring (haven’t had problems since) have both Shorty and I, well… rather worried.  Dr Google is of no help, with his cold indifferent definitions of 25-40 day “normal cycles” that leave no room for a girl to rationalize in her 40+ day cycles as normal, and vague random suggestions/diagnosis on what the problem might be.  A real doctor might be of some value here (would that be an OB or an RE?) but I won’t have health insurance again until ye olde job begins, so gotta wait on that.  I do feel a bit like a dunce for not having thought to check these issues sooner (I mean, hello- we have been talking about this for over a year now, and I have seen both in real life and on these blogs the problems couples can have getting pregnant- even couples with unlimited free sperm) but, like I said… I’m pretty sure my Big Birtha hips and all the “wow! you’re a born baby-maker!” comments I’ve gotten in my lifetime (from both well-meaning relatives and stranger-assholes alike) gave me a false sense of baby-makin-it’ll-happen-don’t-you-worry assurance.  That assurance is quickly unraveling now.

Funny how life works, isn’t it? Some things get pinned down and taken care of (job, EMT training) while at the same time others get thrown into question (um, am I even fertile?*).  Round and round and round we go….

*Fi.rst respo.nse sells an OTC fertility test you take on CD3… anyone know if it’s worth its salt?  Obviously it can’t replace a real doctor but I’m wondering if it’s worth it to pee on one of those things to get some reassurance?  And anyone know if I should go to an RE? OB?  Whoever’s more likely to be covered by whatever insurance I get?


6 responses to “Pinned down/Up in the Air

  1. X says:

    Yay for the job!! I got a free fertility test in my box of pregnancy tests, so I did it after the first BFN and while I don’t know if I trust it, it was reassuring. With e long cycles, it probably would be helpful to see someone before dropping lots of cash. I would think an ob should be able to answer questions and would then refer out if necessary, which would probably be the cheaper route, even with insurance.

  2. Isa says:

    So glad you got the job! And good luck with the volunteer work–I’m sure you’ll find someplace! As for the fertility…whenever you’re ready to start (and if it’s not til after Christmas, don’t do it until your insurance kicks in–this is already an expensive process, you know?) go to your regular doctor and get your blood run for various things. That should give you a beginning idea of whether things are in good shape. The other things you can do (saline injection to see if your tubes are clear, more invasive testing) can probably wait until you’ve given it a few tries and feel like you need to worry. Plenty of people get pregnant in their first couple tries, so no need to put yourself out of that group until you really need to, right?

  3. A :) says:

    congrats on the job! the ttc process can make you question everything about your body and what its capable of. try not to let it get the best of you and dr google can feed that crazy monster!!

  4. meridith says:

    Though insurance varies, our RE explained that as long as all the fertility blood work/tests, etc happen before you make a doctor-assisted attempt, insurance usually covers since they are considered diagnostic tests. So in that case, not really different from your general practitioner. I don’t know if that helps at all but it’s worth finding out!

  5. Congratulations on the new job! It’s great that you’ll have a little bit of time off before it starts.

    I’m sure your doctors will run any necessary test before you start TTC to make sure everything checks out. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Some people just have longer cycles.

  6. Congrats on the job!!! And I think all the pp’s have the right idea. Let us know if you end taking the OTC test–I’m curious about it.

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