Raising a Blended Family

This is it!!!

on September 10, 2011

Well folks, here we are… the eve of a very special kind of TWW.  Tomorrow, I start my EMT class (EMT bootcamp!), and the rest is history.

Although I’m super duper excited about this (as you all know), it’s definitely not without its hardships.  In order for me to attend this class, Shorty basically has to be a full time single parent for the next two weeks.  Class hours are 9am-7pm, and it’s a little more than an hour drive round-trip.  Since T1 wakes up at 7:30 and goes to bed at 8:00, I’ll be leaving right when she gets up and getting home (hopefully) in time to give her a quick snuggle or peck on the cheek before she falls asleep- so basically, I won’t see her for two weeks.  I’m gonna miss the little bugger- and I’m going to miss my wife, too, for that matter, since home hours will consist mainly of studying and sleeping, in that order.

My self-exile will also mean that- horror of horrors!- responsibilities for laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping will be landing squarely in Shorty’s lap.  Ohboy.  Didja read my “mother or father” post from earlier?  Yeah, laundry/cooking/grocery duty are definitely more ways in which I fall squarely into the “mom” category!  I’m sorta–kind-kidding-but-no-really-slightly-worried that I’m going to come home to them eating pizza rolls for dinner every night and that “grocery shopping” will consist of Diet Pepsi and some cereal- maybe some fruit cups or something if I’m lucky.  LOL.  But hey- I guess, even if that is the case, it’ll only be for two weeks. Two weeks of junk food won’t hurt them..right?

In any, I am absolutely not complaining- I am way too ecstatic about this opportunity and for only two weeks, it’s a small price to pay.  I’m also completely proud and thankful that I have such a wonderful wife who takes on such a monumental task as full-time single-handedly parenting a six year old and running a three person/two cat house solo with nothing more than a shrug and words of encouragement for me to enjoy my class.  Such an awesome wife I have.  Guess I owe her for this one, eh?

And of course, I have to put in my disclaimer that due to my shortage of free time (see above) I won’t be blogging or reading much in the next two weeks (but maybe more reading than blogging).  To this end, I am requesting that no Important Events happen in my absence.  No Exciting News stories, no Pregnancy Announcements, nothing of the sort.  Wait till I’m back, people- This Means You.

Ha. Totally kidding. 😉 But I know there are some TWWs that are about to end and other things of that nature- I’ll catch up in two weeks, promise!  Until then- I’m off to go learn how to save yo ass.

PS- for those wondering, second interview went well! Very well.  Just waiting to hear back from them, but they said it wouldn’t be until the end of next week.


2 responses to “This is it!!!

  1. Isa says:

    yay! Enjoy your class! And maybe look for a groupon for a nice dinner out to thank Shorty at the end of it…

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