Raising a Blended Family

Over, done and movin’ on…. *EDITED*

on September 7, 2011

With Dr. Asshole!!! Lunch today was actually very calm, and I found out my stipend extends until Friday. So at the end of the month, I will be paid something- it won’t be much but it will help.  So that’s good.

Annnnd in other news… my job interview went well, but they said it might take 1-2 weeks for them to get back to me to have me take a departmental interview (secondary interview).  So I figured, since I have two weeks potentially to wait until even hearing back for a second interview, let alone getting the job…  I would just go ahead and take the accelerated two week emt course instead of the six week version.  It starts on SUNDAY.  9AM-7PM, 2 weeks straight.  It’s also an hour away from my house, but my brilliant plan is to record the lectures and to listen to them for review on the way there and back.  In any case…  Iamsoexcited.  I ordered my book (rushed delivery) and as soon as it gets here I will be reading chapters and getting ahead as much as possible!  You guys- I start on SUNDAY!!!!! wowza!!!  Can’t. Wait.

***edit: I give up on planning Life right now.  You know how they said two weeks to hear back?  Yeah. Just got an email and the good news is they want a second interview.  Bad news is- they want an interview MONDAY.  AKA, when I’m supposed to be in this highlyexpensivetrainingprogramIjustsignedupfor.  *throws hands up*.  I give up! I did ask if I could have an early early morning interview… we’ll see what they say.


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