Raising a Blended Family

The beginning of a new chapter

on September 6, 2011

Well folks… it’s the end of an era- the end of me bitching about Dr. Asshole, that is.  As of today (well, tomorrow really, since I still have to sign the rest of the paperwork) I have officially “withdrawn” from my Ph.D. program.  Surprisingly, Dr. Asshole took it rather well.  We sat and discussed for a long time.  I told him about my medical aspirations.  I told him about how conflicted I’d been for the last, oh, year or so.  We argued, too- in my resignation letter, under “reasons for leaving,” I stated that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but that I also had had some conflict with Dr. Asshole.  He wasn’t happy about this, naturally- he told me that if I was going to put that I would have to state all of my reasons and problems and give him a chance to defend himself.  So things got a little hairy there for awhile, but ultimately, I wasn’t looking to cause a fuss.  I just wanted to get out.  So I told him that my main concern was how he might treat any future students he might take on, and that as long as we could talk things through then and there, I would take that part out of my letter.  Not sure if that was the ‘right’ thing to do, but… at this point, I just wanted out, so that’s what we did.

His next move highly surprised me… he asked me to come back tomorrow so he could take me and the rest of the lab out for a farewell lunch.  He also told me that he asked the graduate department to extend my stipend and benefits for as long as possible, since he said he knows that my income helps to support my family.  WTF? Who is this “nice guy” and where has he been the last two years?  Anyways, I thanked him, and I will be back tomorrow to say my goodbyes, gather my crap, and sign the rest of the paperwork.

Also?  I have a job interview tomorrow.  For a full time job (clinical lab technician) with hours that I LOVE- as in, would be able to pick up T1 off the bus every day when she gets home from school and would still be able to do the EMT course I am enrolled in that starts THURSDAY.  So yeah, there’s a lot of hope going on here today! Wish me luck… 🙂


6 responses to “The beginning of a new chapter

  1. isa says:

    Yay! New job, new career, new beginnings!

  2. X says:

    Good for you. I wonder if he was nice to prove your letter wrong. Either way, hope that stipend goes on and on!

  3. Sounds like a great change! Hope all goes well. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow!

  4. lesboparentstobe says:

    Congrats! Sounds like it’s all moving in exactly the right direction.

  5. A (A&K) says:

    So many exciting things going on in your corner of the world!!!! Congratulations and good luck on these new adventures!!!!

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